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2 years in badlion. My opinion + goodbye everyone.
Well, 2 years in this server. It was a great run. Found so many friends here, had a great time at all. I found this server by RedstoneCanarias (yes, i am spanish.) i am from SA ( South America ) more exactly. I literally rememmber when i joined this server it was season 11 and there were only NA and EU. Rememmber back when kohi was still a thing, i always rememmber the chat of arena pvp when danteh got all the way to 2.8k. Thanks, really thanks. I think this was and will be if not the best server EVER, one of the best. I dont know how to explain it, i rememmber 2 years ago posting in threads about a new region "SA". Just, literally thanks to everyone who joined this server, for growing up this community. Thanks archy, thanks gberry, thanks markilokuras (<3), thanks suchspeed, thanks Mentally, thanks Tylarzz, thanks danteh, thanks xnestorio, thanks redstonecanarias(now oxiri). Thats all. No words. THANKS. <3. (the following part is in spanish).

Gracias Blade.
Gracias xStraker.
Gracias shokobat.
Gracias shawstrqfe.
Gracias Sergitel.
Gracias MegablasterYT.
Gracias raúlderp7 por inspirarme en esto.
Gracias Ruhh. Por ser mi ratón favorito <3
Gracias a LST, gracias a GGZE.
Gracias Yurii.
Gracias jdegoederen.
Gracias Danteh.
Gracias Huahwi.
Gracias a toda esta gente por ser muy buenas personas y, por lo que me significaron en estos 2 años.
Ya saben, todos saben por donde hablarme.
Y a los que no mencione , también. Ustedes saben quienes son.
Mi twitter por si nunca se los dí:
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