How to get and use Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20

Find out how to get and use Mob heads in Minecraft 1.20
How to get and use Mob Heads in Minecraft 1.20Article posted on February 16, 2024 - 04:00 PM
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Minecraft mob heads have to be one of the most valuable decorative blocks in the game. Mob heads count as one of the rarest obtainable blocks/items in Minecraft, if you have ever wondered how to use and get Minecraft mob heads make sure to continue reading as we uncover all the information that you will need!

What are Mob Heads in Minecraft?

The Minecraft mob head is a block designed to mimic the appearance of the head of a specific character or creature in the game. They can be oriented in 16 different ways when placed on top of a block, and 4 directions on the sides of blocks. This is the list of all Minecraft mob heads, currently, there are seven types of mob heads.

  1. Player head - that is the default Steve head
  2. Zombie head
  3. Creeper head
  4. Skeleton head
  5. Wither skeleton head
  6. Piglin head
  7. Ender dragon head

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

How to get Mob heads in Minecraft?

You probably wondered how to get a mob head in Minecraft. The ways to obtain them are fairly tricky but with this guide, you should have no trouble obtaining them! All mob heads can easily be obtained through the creative gamemode and commands. We will show you how to get mob heads in Minecraft survival. Only two mob heads are generated naturally, the Ender Dragon mob head and the Skeleton skull.

  • Skeleton mob head - they can generate in Ancient Cities that spawn in the Deep Dark biome. When exploring the Deep Dark you have to be careful because it is one of the most dangerous places in your Minecraft world.

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

We recommend you use our Full Bright mod to easily navigate the Deep Dark biome. Here is how the Deep Dark biome looks like without the Full Bright mod with the default brightness at 100%:

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

This is how the Deep Dark biome looks like with the Full Bright mod:

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

We recommend you to download Badlion Client to use the Full Bright mod and over 100+ other built in modifications that will make your life easier!

  • Ender Dragon mob head - these Minecraft mob heads are found on End Ships that generate in End Cities. But keep in mind that not all End Cities generate End Ships, you will have to do some exploring to find one.

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

Those were the only Minecraft mob heads that generate naturally in certain biomes/structures. The only head that is not obtainable is the player head, it can only be given either through commands or creative. Other mob heads like the Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, and Piglin mob head can only be obtained if a charged Creeper blows them up and they drop their mob head. Passive mobs will not drop their heads when they are killed by a Charged Creeper.

What is a Charged Creeper? A Charged Creeper is a regular Creeper that has been struck by lightning, finding one could be very difficult, the easiest way is to get a Trident and enchant it with Channeling after that all you have to do is to wait for a thunderstorm to happen, find a creeper and hit it with the enchanted Trident, it will automatically get struck by lightning and you will have a Charged Creeper! Here is a video guide to help you out!

And lastly, the Wither Skeleton skull is the only mob head that can be obtained by a player, by default a Wither Skeleton has a 2.5% chance of dropping a Wither skeleton skull when killed, the chance is increased by 2% per level of Looting, for a maximum of 8.5% with Looting III. After obtaining 3 Wither Skeleton mob heads with the use of 4 soul sand blocks you will be able to summon a Wither, one of the more dangerous mobs in Minecraft. Make sure not to summon him around your base because he can destroy it very easily.

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

What are Mob Heads used for in Minecraft?

Mob heads in Minecraft are primarily used for decorative purposes, some mob heads can be used to spawn other mobs like the Wither with Wither Skeleton skulls. Every mob head can be worn on your head instead of a helmet, it does not provide any protection but wearing the corresponding mob head reduces the detection range up to 50% of the normal range.

When powered by redstone the Ender Dragon and Piglin heads will play an animation, the Ender Dragon head will open and close its mouth repeatedly and the Piglin head will flap its ears. The same animation occurs while wearing these two Minecraft mob heads. Additionally, placing any of the mob heads in Minecraft on a note block will play the mob’s ambient sound.

The Creeper head and Wither skeleton skull can be used for crafting Minecraft banner patterns. All you need for that is a loom, any color dye, a blank Minecraft Banner, either a Creeper mob head or Wither Skeleton mob head.

This is what the banner looks like with the Creeped mob head design:

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

This is what the banner looks like with the Wither Skeleton mob head design:

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

Additionally, you can use any mob head to craft a firework star that forms a Creeper shape when used. All you need to craft one is obviously, a mob head it can be any and it will always form a Creeper shape, any color dye, and gunpowder. You can place it randomly in the crafting table, it will always give you the firework star no matter what order of placing you use. This is how the firework looks when you craft it with a firework star with the Creeper shape:

This picture shows all Minecraft Mob Heads

Minecraft mob heads are a very unique and rare item that will be exciting to collect. If you want to learn more about the rarest items in Minecraft, we suggest you check out this article and we encourage you to gather all of the rarest items and make an impressive collection.

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