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Find out about the Rarest Minecraft 1.20 Items
Top 10 Rarest Items in Minecraft 1.20Article posted on August 20, 2023 - 03:00 PM
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You can collect 406 unique items in Minecraft 1.20. Some items are easily obtainable, some require time and some require a bit of luck. And if you have ever wondered what the rarest items in Minecraft are, then keep reading to find out about them!

10. Elytra

The Elytra is a rare Minecraft item that grants players the ability to glide through the air. It is a set of wings that can be worn as a chestplate.

Using firework rockets will increase the flight speed and will keep the player in the air a little longer. The rockets act as a boost, which will make exploring much easier and fun.

The Elytra has a durability of 432. And the durability decreases while you are in the air. You can either repair it with phantom membranes or enchant it with mending to repair it with experience points. You can of course also enchant it with unbreaking, to make it last longer.

The Elytra can be found in the End Cities. It is located in a ship-shaped structure but you need to be careful as it is guarded by shulkers. They shoot projectiles that give you the levitating effect and cause you to fly up until you hit something.

Minecraft Elytra

9. Enchanted Golden Apple

Also known as the "Notch Apple", this rare Minecraft item used to be craftable in the previous versions.

The Enchanted Golden Apple can be useful for breeding horses as it helps speed up the growth of baby horses. It also improves the chances of taming a horse slightly.

You can also drop it in the nether and any nearby piglins will pick it up. They will not gain any effects from it, so there is not much use in doing so.

This item can only be found in:
  • Dungeon chests
  • Woodland Mansion chests
  • Ancient City chests
  • Mineshaft chests
  • Bastion remnant chests
  • Treasure chests
  • Desert Temple chests
  • Ruined Portal chests

You can of course also eat the enchanted golden apple. This is where the rarity makes sense. If you eat an enchanted apple, you will gain the following effects:

  • Absorption IV which lasts for 2 minutes and you get 8 absorption hearts
  • Regeneration II which lasts for 5 minutes
  • Fire Resistance which also lasts for 5 minutes
  • Resistance I which lasts for 5 minutes as well

This makes the item extremely strong and useful in saving you in many different moments.

Enchanted Golden Apple

8. Totem of Undying

The totem of undying is a rare item that can also be extremely useful in many situations. You can get the totem of undying from evokers, who drop them if they die.

If you hold it in your hand, or your off-hand, you do not die but instead regain half a heart and gain the regeneration II effect. This allows you to regenerate quickly and saves you in dangerous situations, where you would have died.

The totem of undying does not work if you have it in your hot bar. You can also find evokers in raids and if you build a raid farm, you can efficiently farm totems of undying.

Totem of Undying in Minecraft

7. Nether Star

To obtain a nether star, you have to defeat the wither. This is a difficult and long process for most players. You can use it to craft a beacon, which is very useful.

If you are an experienced Minecraft player, then you have most likely already collected your first nether star and built a beacon.
Nether Star in Minecraft

6. Beacon

The Beacon emits a powerful beam of light into the sky, providing a range of useful effects to players within its range.

You can use it to get effects such as haste, speed, strength, and more. It is perfect for various different use cases. You can of course also put stained glass on top of the beacon and the beam will change to the color of the stained glass.

Beacon in Minecraft
If you need help crafting the Beacon in Minecraft and other complex crafting recipes, we recommend the Just Enough Items mod, which comes pre-installed with the Badlion Client.

You can press any of the blocks or items and it will show you the exact crafting recipe that you need. You can download the Badlion Client here completely for free. Also, if you want to learn more about this Minecraft mod, we can recommend this blog article.

To craft the beacon, you will need one Nether Star, which is considerably hard to obtain, five glass blocks, and three obsidian. Then place those items in the crafting table as shown below:

How to craft a beacon

5. Trident

The Trident is the rarest weapon in Minecraft. You can obtain it as a rare drop by killing drowned mobs, which spawn in water.

It can be used both as a melee and a projectile weapon. If enchanted with Loyalty, the trident will come back to the player after you throw it. You can also enchant it with channeling to move through the water quickly or fly through the rain.


4. Emerald

The rarest ore in Minecraft 1.20 is the emerald ore. It can be found in the extreme hills biome and is extremely rare. You can find them between the y-levels -16 and -320. It is most commonly found at y-level -256 being most common at level 256.

Minecraft Emerald

3. Brown Pandas

This is not an item but the rarest animal in Minecraft. Brown pandas can be found in bamboo jungle biomes and are a passive mob. pandas alongside polar bears can have different personalities.

Brown Panda

2. Dragon Head

Dragon heads are mainly used for decoration and are great to show off to your friends. To obtain a dragon head, you will need to beat the ender dragon and explore end cities. You can also skip the ender dragon and build a bridge away from the main platform.

Though, we personally recommend beating the ender dragon as it will allow you to travel much faster. The dragon head is the only block that has movable parts. They can be moved when the player is walking or through redstone. Also, this is the only mob head that is naturally generated in the world.

Prepare yourself to go on a long and exciting journey as obtaining the dragon head may take some time without an elytra. You can find the elytra and the dragon head on the same ship.

Dragon Head

1. Dragon Egg

As to be expected, the dragon egg is the rarest item in Minecraft 1.20. In order to get the dragon egg, you will have to beat the game by defeating the ender dragon.

You can also only get the dragon egg once per world. You can respawn the ender dragon, however, you will not get a second egg. If you lose the egg, you cannot get it back without using cheats.

Dragon Egg
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