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Learn about 4 easy to build pathway designs for Minecraft
Easy Minecraft Pathway Designs Article posted on September 13, 2023 - 05:00 PM
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Are you looking for the best Minecraft pathways to spruce up your survival base? You have come to the right place! In this article, we go over four incredibly simple yet stylish Minecraft pathway ideas. From Bamboo to Cherry Blossom styles, there is something for everyone.

Easy Minecraft Grass Pathway Design

A Minecraft dirt pathway design

Only requiring some shrubbery and dirt, this first pathway is very cheap to make. Designed to fit in with most nature landscapes, this Minecraft grass-based pathway will significantly upgrade your existing pathway system.

This design is great because it can easily bend around corners and follow the natural shape of the land. This is much harder to do with very geometric designs, which are best for only straight paths.

Here are the items you will need to build a 3x10 section of this pathway:

Tree Leaves 6-10
Stone Slabs4-6

To build this path, mark your desired path by right-clicking grass blocks with a shovel. Make sure there is a 3-block wide dirt path for you to walk through.

Next, place your choice of tree leaves down around the main pathway. In this example, we used Minecraft oak tree leaves. However, you can easily change that to make the path fit more nicely to your surroundings.

As a reminder, you can obtain tree leaves using shears.

Finally, randomly place stone slabs on and around your tree leaves. This will add a nice contrast to the green shrubbery surrounding the path and complete its aesthetics.

Simple Minecraft Stone & Wood Pathway Design

Very simple Minecraft Stone and Wood Pathway

A majority of Minecraft players find stone bricks and wood to be some of the most versatile building blocks available. No matter if your base is futuristic or medieval, these blocks will match perfectly.

The main floor of this pathway consists of alternating spruce trapdoors and striped logs. Lining each edge, stone buttons provide some 3D depth to the path. Along the very edge, stone brick stairs serve as walls, allowing you to exit the path at any point quickly. Finally, a glowstone block will light the way every two blocks, allowing you to see at night and prevent mobs from spawning.

Before building this design, you will need the following blocks for a 6x9 section:

Spruce Trapdoors15
Spruce Logs18
Stripped Spruce Logs9
Stone Buttons18
Stone Stairs 12
Stone Blocks 6

To make the Minecraft pathway, start digging a 4-block wide, one-block deep, tench the entire way of your soon-to-be path. Place Spruce Logs horizontally along the length of each side, then place an alternating pattern of Stripped Spruce Logs and Spruce Trapdoors in the center.

Complete the path by lining the edges with stone stairs, adding a stone block, Glowstone, and trapdoor (all on top of each other) every two blocks. Your pathway will then be complete!

Minecraft Bamboo Pathway

A Minecraft Bamboo Pathway

In the most recent Minecraft 1.20 update, bamboo blocks were added to Minecraft. These blocks provide an entirely new building aesthetic for all types of builders to use. This pathway design for Minecraft is almost entirely made up of Minecraft Bamboo blocks.

To start building 5x10 sections of this design, gather the following:

Block of Bamboo20
Block of Stripped Bamboo30
Bamboo Mosaic Stairs12
Bamboo Fence 20
Lantern 4
Bamboo Buttons 4
Bamboo Pressure Plate4

Start by digging a 5-block wide area, which is where the floor of the design will lay. On each side of the hole, place the Blocks of Bamboo length-wise. In the middle, between the Blocks of Bamboo, place Blocks of Stripped Bamboo.

Next, you must add the stairs, lantern, and fences to the side of the pathway. Start by placing the Bamboo Fences three blocks tall. Place an additional fence to one side of the three-block tall fence and another fence two blocks above that. Add a lantern in between, and you should have something that looks like this.
Section of the Minecraft Bamboo Pathway

You can then go ahead and add Bamboo Stairs, oriented so that the lower step faces away from the fences.

Finally, place Bamboo Buttons and Pressure Plates randomly to add depth, and your pathway will be complete!

Cherry Blossom Pathway

A Cherry Blossom Pathway
Another new feature introduced in the 1.20 update was the Cherry Grove Biome. This biome contains a new tree type called the Cherry Blossom. Featuring pinkish leaves, this tree is a wonder to look at, making it perfect for a Minecraft pathway design.

To build a 6x10 section of the Cherry Blossom Minecraft pathway, you will need to gather the following materials:

Stripped Cherry Wood20
Cherry Log10
Cherry Leaves20
Cherry Trapdoor20
Cherry Saplings 10

Start making this Minecraft pathway by digging out a 4-block-wide trench one block deep, then dig an additional two-block wide, two-block deep trench in the middle. Fill the deeper middle trench with Glowstone. Once filled, place alternating stripped and non-stripped Cherry Logs on the edges. Finally, fill in the center with Cherry Leaves, and your main floor will be complete.

Place dirt and more Stripped Cherry Wood on the sides of the pathway in an alternating pattern. Once finished, place trapdoors all along the inside. Finish the build by planting Cherry saplings on the dirt that you placed, and use Bonemeal to grow the trees if you would like!

These have been four easy-to-make Minecraft pathway designs! If you want more builds to make your survival base stand out, check out our Minecraft wall article here. In addition, to enhance your Minecraft Survival experience even further, check out Badlion Client, which includes hundreds of mods. Our Minecraft Survival mod article explains in depth how you can use Badlion Client for survival Minecraft.
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