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Find out which are the most useful Minecraft Commands
The 5 most useful Minecraft CommandsArticle posted on February 15, 2024 - 04:00 PM
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If you are struggling with your Minecraft world you can always get help with the use of Minecraft commands. Minecraft commands have been around for quite some time now, but not everyone knows how to use them. In this article, we will show you how to use commands in Minecraft and we will tell you about the 5 most useful Minecraft commands. The amount of commands in Minecraft may vary from version to version, and if you are strictly playing survival mode or on a server with friends.

How to use commands in Minecraft?

To use commands in Minecraft, you have to allow cheats before you create your world. When you click "Create New World", there is an option called "Allow Cheats". It is turned off by default, but you need to turn it on if you want to use commands. If you disable the option you will not be able to use commands in Minecraft.

This picture shows how to create a Minecraft World

All Minecraft commands start with a forward slash (/). To see a Minecraft commands list, open your chat and type the forward slash (/). Hover your mouse over the commands to click and have them appear in your chat without typing each letter separately. Additionally, you can use your scroll wheel to navigate up and down, allowing you to view all Minecraft commands in one place.

This picture shows a list of all Minecraft Commands

Minecraft commands can be hard to use, so we made a list of useful ones to enhance your gaming experience.

#5 Teleport Command

The Minecraft teleport command can be a game-changer, offering a quick solution to reaching distant locations or connecting with friends across your Minecraft world.

To teleport to a specific location, you need to use the following Minecraft command.

  • /teleport <x, y, z>, for example /teleport 100 75 100

Be cautious when teleporting in Minecraft. If you choose the wrong Y level, you may get trapped inside of blocks. Mainly pay attention if you are teleporting to the Stony Peaks or Jagged Peaks biome. Jagged Peaks is one of the tallest biomes in the game, able to reach the height limit of the Overworld. If you want to learn more about all biomes in Minecraft you can check out one of our other articles.

To teleport to one of your friends, you need to use the following command. It works vice versa as well by replacing the order of usernames in the command.

  • /teleport Steve Alex

This picture shows how to use the teleport command

#4 Keep Inventory

The Keep Inventory command in Minecraft is helpful for dangerous adventures like exploring the Nether or Deep Dark biome. If the player dies, they won't lose their items. Plus, it's a great way to focus on exploration and discovery without the worry of losing your hard-earned loot. Explore without worries, knowing your items are safe and that they won't be lost!

To enable the Minecraft command for keep inventory, we have to write the following Minecraft command;

  • /gamerule keepInventory (true | false)

This picture shows how to use the keep inventory command

#3 Give Command

The Minecraft give command allows players to obtain any block or item in the game effortlessly. If you're struggling to find or craft a particular item, this command comes to the rescue. You can save so much of your time and do other useful things for your Minecraft world by using commands. Using the Minecraft give command is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is write the following Minecraft command;

  • /give Username minecraft:bamboo_block 64 - this will give the player 64 blocks of bamboo.

This picture shows how to use the give command

#2 XP Command

To quickly gain experience points or levels in the game, use the Minecraft xp command. Two ways to use this command exist, depending on whether you want to add whole levels or just points to your xp.

  • To add experience points to a user, use the command "/xp add Username <amount> (levels | points)". If you choose levels, whole levels will be added. If you choose points, only parts of the levels will be added. To learn more about how XP works in Minecraft we recommend you to check out this article.

This picture shows how to use the experience command

#1 Locate Command

With Minecraft worlds being so huge, it's not surprising that players often struggle to locate specific structures or biomes. The "/locate" command helps players find biomes and structures easily, making it extremely useful. The Minecraft locate command will display you the coordinates of the biome or structure that you are searching for:

  • /locate biome minecraft:cherry_grove

This picture shows how to use the experience command

After using Minecraft's locate command, we found the coordinates of the closest Cherry Grove biome. Click on the green coordinates to teleport there instantly.

  • /locate structure minecraft:mansion

This picture shows how to use the experience command

Those are two examples of how to use this command, to simplify your experience, we suggest downloading the Badlion Client. With it, you will gain access to the fully customizable Coordinates mod, allowing you to view your exact location and the biome you are in. Badlion Client also offers 100+ other fully integrated mods to make your Minecraft experience better!

Now you are all set! With the knowledge from this article you now know how to use commands in Minecraft, and you will be able to successfully use some of the most useful commands for Minecraft. Of course there are many other Minecraft commands that we didn't cover. Here you can find a list of all Minecraft commands currently in the game.
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