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  Badlion Client Windows Only
The Badlion Client is currently available for Windows only at the moment. We have begun working on Mac/Linux versions slowly as of June 2019. We do not have a planned release date yet.

If you are on a Windows machine and looking for the download link for Badlion Client use this:

Why is the Badlion Client Windows Only?

The Badlion Client is Windows only because the anticheat uses specific Windows functions to check if you are cheating or not. Everything related to the anticheat is specifically designed for Windows, and has several years of work dedicated to Windows anticheat development.

Unfortunately, it is not easy or possible for us to offer a Badlion Client Anticheat solution for Mac/Linux at this time as a result. We are looking into the possibilities of supporting more operating systems, but this is a long and tedious process and for the near future the Badlion Client will remain Windows only (Windows 7 SP1 and higher).