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  Blacklisted Players
If the player is blacklisted, this is a full list of rules that apply on all forms of communication (In game, forums, twitter, teamspeak, affiliated streams/youtube channels, plugdj, discord, etc)

Only owners can add/remove blacklisted players. The list will contain direct links to their UUIDs.

Here is a list of all blacklisted players with the reasons (we have proof of every single accusation for legal reasons):

  • LqstHope c805ea52-3e1d-48c0-b96b-879e4a4a3dfd @jacobaya123

  • - Selling illegally obtained (exploited) VPNs for the purpose of bypassing Badlion bans
    - Selling illegally obtained (cracked) Minecraft accounts for the purpose of usage on Badlion
    - Selling tools to bypass server side anticheat restrictions
    - Extremely toxic with death and rape threats
    - Stealing of personal information of players through exploits on third party services in an attempt to blackmail, leak, and/or sell the information
    - Illegal activities such as extortion, denial of service, and blackmailing of Badlion Staff, Famous, and Regulars.
    - Leaking of Badlion players private information (sometimes used for blackmail, sometimes for account stealing, sometimes for DoS attacks, etc)
    - Producing media that violates our terms of service which is in violation of our copyright.

    Please note that your IP and other personal information may have been obtained by said blacklisted player if you did any of the following:
    - Used third party teamspeaks such as the confirmed ones: Ironwolf, Chqllenged's TS
    - Used any service offered by him, such as VPNs or cracked accounts
    - Clicked on any link or joined any service from him such as a skype call

    If you suspect you have been a victim to this individual's malicious activity and wish to file civil and/or criminal charges, please contact me at [email protected] and I will work with the respective law enforcement official to support your case.

  • NotLean666 d58aad3a-813a-4e78-8d5a-eeccba7f40cf @GREPMEPLZ

  • - Wannabe script kiddie
    - Taking a database dump from another website that he was too stupid to do himself and checking against staff accounts, finds one, and then spammed the website on said staff's account.
    - Making Archy lose a SC2 game to hit a single button that undid all the forum posts and locked the hacked account