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  Blacklisted Servers
Here at badlion we believe in being able to talk freely about other servers as long as you aren't advertising, which helps them grow. Unfortunately, there are a few servers that we want to help in absolutely no way and we have to forbid them to be spoken about on our network as they don't deserve a single player.

If the server is blacklisted, this is a full list of rules that apply on all forms of communication (In game, forums, twitter, teamspeak, affiliated streams/youtube channels, etc)
  • Badlion staff are not allowed to be staff in any form on these servers or they will be instantly demoted and possibly banned.
  • Badlion staff are highly advised to not even log into these servers, but not required.
  • Players are not allowed to mention the servers in any form or fashion. (7-30d mute)
  • Players are not allowed to post any videos or screenshots that have these servers in them. They will be deleted and if reposted will result in punishment. (1+ month ban)
  • Players are not allowed to attempt to drag players or advertise these servers (Perm ban - unappealable)
  • Special ranks (Youtube, Twitch, Famous, etc) are not allowed to produce content in any way, shape, or form on blacklisted servers starting on November 5, 2015 (will be stripped of rank and depending on malicious intent, may also be issued in game punishments up to a blanket ban). Content uploaded before the blacklisting date do not have to be deleted or removed.
  • Streamers who do not hold a special rank are not allowed to advertise on Badlion and then go play on these servers after advertising their stream on our network. (Removal of all non-paid ranks and either permamute or permaban depending on severity)
  • You will not receive any special ranks on Badlion if you are a staff member, official representative, or official partner of a blacklisted server. If you have officially promoted the server in the recent past, you will also be denied.

  • Here is a list of all blacklisted servers with the reasons (we have proof of every single accusation) and how to get unblacklisted (if possible):

    LegacyUHC - Blacklisted by MasterGberry in 2015 (date unsure)
  • Sniping staff members
  • Creating/spreading false rumors about Badlion administration
  • Constant trash talking of the full Badlion staff team
  • Administration has issued DDoS threats towards Badlion Servers and Staff
  • Administration caught cheating on Badlion
  • Administration causing drama in Archybot's twitch channel
  • No conditions for unblacklisting.