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  Client Moderator App

…Looking for a new challenge? Then look no further!

What are we looking for?How to apply?
The client mod role is a combination of in-game moderation, and user support. We have 2 platforms for the support; Discord and our forums. It's important all aspects of our client are kept up-to-date, clean of toxicity and resourceful at all times. By joining our team, you will receive help from experienced staff members to develop an understanding of the problems most users face and then how to help resolve some of them. Applications are open to anyone who is willing to put effort into the Badlion project, however we highly recommend the following:

- Having a good attitude
- Ability to communicate well (in english) in teams
- Ability to provide calm, mature and clear instructions to players
- Determination to make our client the best client possible

Other qualities which would support your application are:

- Knowledge of Badlion Client (and it's modifications)
- Previous experience helping game players of all ages and backgrounds
- Likes to have fun
- some text
- some more text
- Even more text

Applications for client mod should be sent to the email:

They must also be sent with the subject "[EU/NA/AU/Other] Badlion Client Mod Team Application" and should use the following format:

Discord Username + Hash tag (#):
Time Zone:
Link to Twitter profile (if used for gaming [not irl one]):
Previous IGNs:
Fluent Languages Spoken:
Average daily play time:
Current rank (doesn't affect selection):
Current servers you are most active on:
Previous Minecraft staff experience:
Previous non-Minecraft staff experience:
Why do you want to become a client mod?:
What can you bring to our staff team?:

If you are accepted, the responsible admin will add you on discord and contact you there. Further information will be disclosed there about joining the client mod team.
You will not be contacted if your application is not accepted, DO NOT apply more than once every 2 months or you will not be considered for the position.