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  Replay Mod Editor I
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Replay Editor part I - information about the Replay mod's features
Now you should be in the replay file which you have previously recorded.

  • You can fly around using the movement keys.
  • Press your chat key to use the mouse. Press ESC to go back to the spectator mode.

  • The first thing you might notice are two huge separate timelines with separate buttons.
  • Replay timeline:

    1. Play/Pause for a replay file. Pausing a replay file won't stop you from moving around.
    2. Speed slider. You can control how fast the time in your replay video passes.
    3. Yellow cursor. There is a yellow cursor on the replay timeline which indicates at which timestamp in replay you currently are. If the cursor is at the left side, you are at the beginning of the replay. If the cursor is on the right side, you are at the end of the replay. You can compare it to a YouTube video.
    4. Replay timeline. You can jump in time by clicking on the replay timeline.
    Keyframe timeline:

    1. Play/Pause for a camera path.
    2. The save (render) button.
    3. Position keyframe (explained in 'Replay Editor' part II).
    4. Time keyframe (explained in 'Replay Editor' part II).
    Click on the "+" and "-" buttons at the end of the keyframe timeline to zoom in/out, or simply move your mouse over it and use your mouse wheel. If you have a really short replay file, it's better to zoom in.

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see two yellow lines. Click on them and move them up to view the list of all hotkeys.

  • 1. M - Add Event Marker: a simple way to mark important parts in your replay. The event marker appears as a small red triangle on the replay timeline. There can be more than one event marker. Click on it twice to open its settings.

    2. N - Capture Thumbnail: sets a thumbnail for your replay file.
    3. C - Clear Keyframes: clears keyframes. Second option: click on the keyframe(-s) (they are located on the keyframe timeline) and then click on the specific keyframe button which you want to remove.
    4. X - Open Keyframe Presets: once you have created a camera path, press X on your keyboard to open "Keyframe Repository". By clicking on the "Save as…" button, you can add your current camera path to keyframe presets. If you created another camera path, simply press X to open "Keyframe Repository" and click on "Save as…".
    5. P - Pause/Play replay: you can pause/play a replay video.
    6. B - Player Overview: in the player overview, you can see a list of all currently loaded players in the replay. You can spectate each player and access to the first-person view by clicking on a player's name or head. Next to each player, there is a checkbox that you can use to toggle the visibility of players. By doing that, you can hide them from being seen in the replay.

    7. NONE - Replay Settings: this one doesn't have a hotkey for it. You can press ESC and then click on "Replay Options" to open ReplayMod options, and "Options…" to open Minecraft options.
    8. K - Reset Camera Tilt: pressing L and J will tilt the screen clockwise and counterclockwise. Using K, you can reset the camera roll.
    9. L - Roll Clockwise: pressing L will tilt the screen clockwise.
    10. J - Roll Counterclockwise: pressing J will tilt the screen counterclockwise.
    11. V - Synchronize Timeline: using the V key, you can synchronize the Keyframe Timeline with the time that has passed since the last Time Keyframe's timestamp.
    12. Z - Toggle Lighting: using the Z key, you can toggle Ambient lighting. It is very useful if you have a replay in a dark setting.
    13. H - Toggle Path Preview: using the H key you can toggle the path preview. If the path preview is enabled, you can see what way the camera will move during the camera path.

    Position keyframes:

  • You can add a position keyframe to the keyframe timeline using the position keyframe button. You can add position and time keyframes on the keyframe timeline to define a camera path. If there is more than one position keyframe on the keyframe timeline, the camera is going to move between those position keyframes during the camera path.

  • Time keyframes:

  • A time keyframe contains the position of the cursor on the replay timeline. When you add a new time keyframe using the time keyframe button, it remembers the time in the replay you are currently at. If you have multiple time keyframes, the position of the cursor on the replay timeline is going to move between the values of these time keyframes.
  • If you have a time keyframe which was set when you were at the beginning of the replay and another time keyframe which was set when you were in the middle of the replay, the replay time cursor is going to move from the beginning to the middle between those keyframes.

  • The distance between the position keyframes on the keyframe timeline determines how much time the camera actually takes to travel between the positions.