SkyBlock Addons
SkyBlock Addons

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SkyBlocks Addons is a mod that's included in the Badlion Client that enhances your experience in Hypixel's Skyblock!

In this guide, we will be giving you a quick run-about on what each part of the mod does.

How can I use the Mod?
You can start using the mod by downloading the Badlion Client 2.0 today! Here is a link to it:

We also now support both MacOS and Windows operating systems!

Features of Skyblock Addons
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InGame DisplayWarningsInventoryMiscellaneous

  • Zealot Counter
  • Magma Boss Timer
  • Magma Boss Timer in Other Games
  • Dark Auction Timer
  • Dark Auction Timer in Other Games
  • Skeleton Helmet Bones Bar
  • Hide Food & Armor Bar
  • Hide Vanilla Health Bar
  • Mana Bar
  • Mana Number
  • Health Bar
  • Health Number
  • Defence Number
  • Defence Percentage
  • Show Health Updates
  • Speed Percentage
  • Skill Progress Display
  • Change Health Bar Color for Wither & Poison

  • Magma Boss Warning
  • Full Inventory Warning
  • Summoning Eye Alert
  • Special Zealot Alert
  • "Minion Cannot Reach" Warning
  • Disable Minion Location Warning
  • Full Minion Warning
  • Minion Warnings Color
  • Warning Duration

  • Don't Reset Cursor Between Inventories
  • Lock Inventory Slots
  • Lock Inventory Slot Keybind
  • Replace Roman Numerals
  • Show Item Anvil Uses
  • Disable Night Vision Potion Blinking
  • Show Item Cooldowns
  • Jungle Axe Cooldown
  • Hide Grey Enchants
  • Organize Long Enchantments Lists
  • Choose Crafting Patterns
  • Item Pickup Log
  • Show backpack preview
  • Show backpack preview only by pressing Shift
  • Make backpack inventories colored

  • Hide Players near NPCs
  • Hide Players in Lobby
  • Ignore Item Frame Clicks
  • Don't Open Profile With Bow
  • Hide Skeleton Helmet Bones
  • Avoid Breaking Stems
  • Only Mine Ores in the Deep Caverns
  • Stop Bow Charge From Resetting
  • Disable Ember Rod on Island
  • Avoid Placing Enchanted Items
  • Make Enderchest Green
  • Enchants & Reforges Filters
  • Drop Confirmation
  • Drop Confirmation In Other Games
  • Prevent Selling/Dropping Rare Items
  • Fishing Sound Indicator
  • Prevent Walking After Death

  • How to enable and use SkyblockAddons
  • Press ESC, then click on "Badlion Client Settings".

  • Search for "SkyblockAddons".

  • Enable the mod and click on the settings button to open up its menu.