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Hello @de_fortunity @bobo50cent @Alaska @Potaytooo (ooooooooooooooooo) and any other dank minerman i have left out.
play this song while you browse this quality shitpost:

i am in GRAVE need of making a horrible shitpost to make ur eyes bleed and I cannot wait till when I come home on monday and I cant wait any longer too, so welcome.
Im so sorry for anybody that clicked on this crappy clickbait thread and who i did not list above, just gotta be edgy.
so im in franceee and I had a real baguette and they were lovely, i couldnt stop making dank memes.
and i walked back to the campsite eating a baguette, I kept the other one as it may be related on making the undetectable frenchie ghettoclicker, my theory is that I should cut the bagutte up into 5 fingers so i can click 10 times faster even though my current ghost client is pretty good, the one i used to 12 pot shittertaytooooo #nevrforget12 <==== ganf gang L rape

anyways then after i got some frenchie stick i hit da beachh and smoked a joint i bought from doe and it was really nice, the beach was for the tards like myshelf at the campsite, it was literally beside the beach and it was south of france, i went into the water at the beach and I held a fat ass L after going into that water cuz it was cold af.
What i liked about this beach compared to italy was that in italy on every beach, the sand was literally cigarrette land because people were too lazy to bin the cig butt and it made the beach look like shit and nobody cleaned them up…
now back to south frenchie land even though it was like reallly hot the water was still really cold and I got sand up my ass which ill be finding around my clothes for the next 2 years kappa.
now what i despise about the swimming pools in france is that you have to wear these moose knuckle swimming pants because trunks are not allowed for some dumbass reason with the excuse of it being more hygenic even though swimming hats arent required.

so after thaT I WENT BACK TO THE SWIMMING POOL, OOPS I LEFT CAPS LOCK ON SEC oh hthats better now.
as i wassayingomgthespacebarisnotworkingwtfdoidonowbois?brb
jk just messing fam im just trying to make the shitpost even shittier, lol badlion pays to store these kind of threads rip.
anyways if any staff member deletes this shit post for how awful it was i will feel accomplished in life that i have disgusted a human being driving him to delete the thread.
(but please dont man im lonely and just wabba get a higher post count.)

what i hate about holidays too is that i dont tan, i just get scorched by the sun and i have to wear awful spf 99999999 suncream, since im irish and as pale as the moon.
its like when you go and sit down and accidentally lie on something and BAM suncream all over my bed T_T
It's almost as bad as sudocream like really pure hell.

if u've read all of this then listen to this song since that one is getting stale

ok next up on this quality grammar perfict thread is the coke here in mcdonalds is AWFUL it is so watered down so only get sprite and 7 up or diet if ur some kind of weirdo.
BUT I GOOTTA say the burgers and stuff are nice in macs along with the fries, wedges are good too.
Pizza here is not nice at all here, near awful really, i'd avoid having any, its a thin base with very little sauce and a bucket of margherita cheese.

man i cant believe im wasting my life inside for the final day here typing a thread on minermanlion forms.
is my grammar triggering u?
i hope not kappameister.

so ehhh im trying to think about what to discuss now on a toaster laptop worse than zeynahs but typing this is really just passing the time isnt it???11!!11
its really hard to find free wifi here and i could only get free wifi in mcdonalds, DUDE WTF U GOT MCDONALDS WIFI ETC. even though its better than the wifi i am on rn.

if my mobile home did not have air conditioner i would be dead its so hot out.
ehh when my boys see this and be like wtf why do i talk to this kid just remember the next time we talk the first thing u'll say is YO 69MS WTF IS THAT THREAD and I just wanted to remind u of urself when u say this and this too and this sentence too etc.
if u read the whole thread ur gonna need glasses after this from hjow cancerous it is.
if u already got glasses u cant read that sentence above this one because u shouldnt have any eyes at all then after reading this.

p.s bobo50cent i have not forgotten about that gay midget porn i gave u and i gotta make another dank meme joke here while i still can cuz i just want to.
ur compooter haz a virus from all of it now and i gotta clean it because i am from microsoft and i fix yo pee cee.
only $500 dolla dolla.

p.p.s to fortunity is that ur just a poo mod and u sweat for build, ill drain u some day so WATCH OUT WATH OUT JOOOOOHN CEEEEEEEEEENA.

p.p.p.s to alaska is that i will save u from murica and buy u back to russia but go step on a lego and get whacked with a tea bag u chav.

p.p.p.p.s to spud kid is that i eat u with buytter/
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im so sorry.
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wtf is this ahahahahahhahahaha
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This made my day xD
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very good post young man, id like to know your adress so i can mail you more baguettes and you can vape with them on stream
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wtf lmao
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q u a l i t y
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Ur gonna get GCheated if you start playing Badlion in France kappa
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