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Badlion Plug DJ
Badlion Plug DJ

As many of you know Badlion used to have a PlugDJ back in 2014/15, a few months ago a new Badlion Official one was created by Archybot. There have been little no to players on it at all so I decided to create a thread explaining a little about it.

What is Plug.DJ?:
PlugDJ is a site that allows you to create communities for people to chat and play music. Badlion has an official plug dj which can be found at

How does it work?:
First you will go to and create an account, you are then able to go to the badlion plugdj to play music. To create your playlist click this tab and name it whatever you want.

You can then search songs to add to said playlist here -

To add a song simply click the plus sign and click the playlist you want it in.

To play a song you will need to click the up arrow on the song you want to play and click "Click the DJ," then wait for your turn.

To stop playing your song simply click "Quit DJing"

If other users are playing music you can do a couple different things, you can click "Woot!" if you like it (also makes your character dance), "Grab" which adds it to your playlist, or "Meh" if you don't like it.

There will be other users around you on the screen, if you click on them you can ignore them, add them as a friend, or mention them in the chat. "@" followed by their IGN is used to mention them in the chat.

Above the chat section you can click "DJ History" (Shows you previous songs), Chat, People (Here you can see all staff online/offline, all players, and all players you have ignored), DJ Wait list (Shows people before/after you), and Friends (Which of your friends are online).

If you click any of these it will open a tab on the left side where you can see the following things

You can customize quite a few things on the side.

Since this is a part of the Badlion Network all Badlion rules apply here. If a staff member thinks your song is Inappropriate, Too long, or NSFW it will be skipped and you risk getting banned. If you break any badlion chat rules in the PlugDJ chat you risk getting muted/banned.

These are some PDJ specific rules which can be found in the information section of the Badlion PDJ -
1. Troll/gang music will get you banned.
2. Harassment and other forms of disrespect in chat will get you banned.
3. Most music is allowed, but please try to stay to PvP related music.
4. No songs longer than 8 min.
5. Badlion Staff reserve the right to skip songs if they feel they don't belong on this channel.
6. Do not "meh" songs that belong in this channel.

Right now there are some issues with /plugdj in-game / Badlion Bot being offline on PDJ - I'll edit this once they're fixed. Eventually you will be able to link your MC account to your PDJ account.

Mod/Senior/Manager = Bouncer
Admin = Manager
Owner = Co-Owner/Owner

Thank you for reading this long yet informative thread!

On behalf of the entire Badlion Staff Team I'd like to welcome you to the Official Badlion PlugDJ. I hope to see some of you on there soon.

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Does rickrolling count as trolling?

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