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Incorrect Match Links?
I'm hoping this is an actual bug and I'm not an idiot, but I haven't played in almost 2 years so who knows.

When a 1v1 on arenapvp ends, a link is supplied saying "Match Link - ". While the match exists, they all have nothing to do with the match that was just played.
Example of match link for a game played moments before posting -

Additional Info -

- Nearly every link I've gotten so far is from March 19th
- Me and all my opponents have been unplaced
- I've only tried this in Ranked Diamond Queue on ArenaPvP

Once again, not sure if it's an actual bug, but I think it is.
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It is because nothing on the website has been updated for season 13 yet. All match links will display season 12 matches until it's updated.
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