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More Options in Custom Kits
I, for one, LOVE custom kits. I'll use them all the time with friends to practice and I'm glad to see that it's added back into Season 13. However, I personally find the options that they give you for custom kits to be quite limiting. Most of the things you pick out of the chests are items that are already in SOME of the existing kits, not all. Custom kits would be way more utilized if there were more items to be able to put in the kits.

Notable omissions that aren't in Custom that I would like to see added (comment below any other suggestions you have):
- Lava/Water Buckets
- Blocks
- Snowballs (in stacks of 64 if possible!)
- All of the pots (invisibility, jump boost, etc)
- Option to control horses
- Anything else I couldn't think of

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+1 for snowballs

-1 to buckets and blocks, which create lag

Neutral about the pots, and not iffy on horses too as they're so laggy
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