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Special Developer Log #5 - ArenaPvP Season 13 Updates
So as promised on my twitter a few weeks ago I have compiled an entire set of every single change that has been made since ArenaPvP Season 13 went officially live (for our what we later called open beta). This took me a few hours to compile, so I hope someone appreciates all the hard work I put into the developer log, and even more importantly the hard work that the development team has put into ArenaPvP Season 13 and what will soon be ArenaPvP Season 14. With all of these changes on ArenaPvP and some other ones up our sleeves for Season 14 we are confident that ArenaPvP will be better than ever :)

[July 17]

- Fixed Lobby Selector for larger numbers
- Fixed issue with spectators not showing up to the arena server
- Tweak settings for how arena servers/lobbies spawn dynamically
- Make an attempt to fix running out of arenas issue
- Fix internal data for arenapvp settings to be stored properly
- Reorganize how arenapvp matchmaking is done internally to be done in a different sequence of events
- Attempt to fix queue counts being reported to lobby
- Attempt to fix in game counts being reported to lobby
- Fix a problem with rating scanning system for matchmaking
- Fix an issue with party fights not being assigned to servers
- Fixed a bunch of other small misc issues
- Fixed servers a bunch of times when everything was breaking

[July 18]

- Sort arenapvp lobbies by number in the selector
- Add lobby counts to the sidebar in the arena lobby
- Add a back menu inventory item instead of close inventory item where needed
- Hide all players from new players joining the arenapvp server at end of a match
- Fixed death messages to be the proper green/red for party matches
- Changed automatic restart cycles to be longer
- Prevented fishing (sorry folks)
- Increase performance/stability of chunks for arena servers
- When a player dies they put into spectator mode instead of just being dead (internal stuff)
- Some updates to help messages in arena lobby
- Fixed match links
- Fixed kit preview system
- Clean up matchmaking code logic in order to try and stabilize it more
- Attempt to properly dictate how many players are in queue
- Fixed duel deny to send the correct name of who denied the duel
- Add party locking system to try and prevent issues with unfair fights from occurring (later going to regret this and leads to the party redesign described above)
- Start working on separating back-end behavior of different regions to have better performance
- Attempt to stabilize disconnecting players in queue from starting bugged matches
- Attempt to purge any bad data when a server turns on to prevent non-existent arenas from being use for matches
- Fixes to combat tags not allowing players to rejoin server
- Attempt to fix map voting names (internal problem)
- Fix best of series not starting
- Fix spectate and follow commands if the user is not online
- Create a command to help clear bad-data from the system that the developers used to stabilize things
- Removed some redundant code relating to clan matches

[July 19]

- Increase length limit of map name for map voting
- Fixed tab list to show rankings at 20 matches instead of 21 matches
- Changed copies of arena from 2 to 5 on each arena server
- Fixed some error messages to give developers better information about things breaking
- Improve speed of pasting arenas on arena server boot up
- Fix issue with combat tag’s not spawning
- If all players disconnect from a match now it voids the match as incomplete
- Remove scoreboard from player’s screen if a match actually starts for incomplete matches
- Fix /rating command to show correct information
- Fix bug where a teammate could get credit for killing a teammate
- Improvements to party queueing
- Tweak ability to leave party (locking garbage)
- Try to prevent players from being assigned to multiple matches
- Fix map voting (again)
- Improve combat tag rejoins
- Fix another issue with best of series not starting
- Finalize better load balancing of different regions for matchmaking
- Stop arena servers from shutting down if matches are still going on on them
- Don’t allow players to connect to a lobby that is scheduled for a restart
- Fix player counts to use new load balancing of regions
- Fix bug where combat tags would never expire
- Fix small issues in relation to load balancing of regions not being used everywhere
- Optimize dynamic servers to use better logic for smaller regions
- Send messages when an unranked match is found instead of just putting players in the match
- Fixed miscellaneous issues with matchmaker (dumb mistakes)

[July 20]

- Fix it so items properly drop when you rank up in the lobby
- Smooth out chunk packet sending for 1.9/1.10
- Only paste extra BuildUHC arenas now instead of all arenas
- Fixed website links to go to main website for matches instead of beta site
- Add some optimizations for South America packet sending
- Fix issue with hiding players in the Arena Lobby
- Fix error messages in the Arena Lobby
- Send error messages when trying to join South America using a non-South American IP
- Send match found message to each party instead of party 1 two times
- Fix logic regarding combat tag spawning (again)
- Try to handle server updates better in high ping regions such as Australia and Asia
- Fixed map voting (again, we seem to have a really hard time with voting here on Badlion)
- Fix issue with /unfollow not working
- Try to reconnect players to matches if they disconnected
- Fix global rating not calculating properly

[July 21]

- Fix issue with archer ladder and punching
- Clean up handling of arenas being freed up
- Send a message when a player does not connect to the match
- Remove arrows from player when they hit
- Fixed issue with deaths not being properly accounted for in game logic
- Fix combat tags to properly teleport you where your combat tag is instead of where you logged off from
- Fixed combat tags to store inventory of player properly and health changes
- Create inventory system in Arena Lobby for FFA servers
- Remove outdated party system code from plugins
- Add the ability to choose which spawn to teleport to in the Arena Lobby
- Change KB values to what “top players” recommended (later changed again)
- Fix issue with cosmetics complaining about arrows being removed
- Fixed an issue with Asian servers not being accounted for properly in logging
- Fixed an issue with server updater
- Unlock both parties when a match ends instead of just the first party
- Make sure a server actually still exists before trying to send players to it for a match
- Add horse back as a playable ladder
- Add Combo and AxePvP as unranked ladders

[July 22]

- Rename spectate item from “Spectator Players” to “Spectate Players”
- Fix horse respawning
- Fix Combat tags for red rover matches
- Properly clean up a combat tag when they die
- Store information about horse in the combat tag when someone logs off the server
- Block team horse damage
- Block team combat tag damage
- Re-organize kit selectory hotbar
- Fix horse ladder for tab list usage
- Fix exploit with players holding items on their cursor
- Renamed Kohi FFA to NoDebuff FFA
- Reworked /duel to be region wide instead of only for your specific lobby server
- Fixed miscellaneous issues with red rover fights
- Rework 1.9/1.10 cosmetics arrow trail handling
- Fixed global rating not updating (again)
- Attempt to fix players getting stuck in matches
- Fix issue where you could duel people not on arena lobbies
- Fixed map voting (seeing a pattern here?)
- Fixed combat tags to properly expire out of the system so players are not stuck in matches forever
- Disable red rover temporarily
- Only send player to combat tagged server one time instead of two

[July 23]

- Fix voting websites (\o/)
- Fix up teleporting locations for players in matches
- Fix cleanup for team fights (internal stuff)
- Enable FFA (except SG) for all regions
- Fix Arena Lobby reboot cycles
- Fix misc FFA issues that came from releasing it
- Fixed statistics storing for FFA leaderboards
- Fixed issue with bungeecord synchronization
- Fixed global rating calculation (again)
- Force matches to expire after 15 minutes to minimize players being stuck in matches issues.
- Add cleanup system for matches that never got started to be cleared out so players can queue up again
- Track matches going on in a better system to help debug problems with them not starting

[July 24]

- Reset ender pearl cooldown if the player is not teleported
- Fixed death message if player was not killed by another player
- Improve internal communication systems for multi-region setup
- Fix issue where players would be stuck picking a kit in a match
- Better error messages for end users to see
- Rework information being sent when a match ends to allow better tracking of information for analytical purposes
- Don’t start a match that was already started again
- Updates to GGuard default configuration
- Fixed player counts for FFA
- Fixed issue with enderpearls not functioning as intended in FFA
- Remove items on ground in FFA after 30 seconds in NoDebuff FFA
- Fixed combat tag time in FFA to be 30 seconds like ArenaPvP
- Fix golden heads to heal the correct amount in UHC FFA
- Fix UHC kit to have extra food in UHC FFA
- Fix kill streak tracking for FFA
- Changed Fire resistance to be 8 minutes on each kill in NoDebuf FFA
- Improve testing of Arena systems
- MasterGberry get’s involved in Season 13 development (>_> he is on vacation) and starts by cleaning up code race condition possibilities to stabilize ArenaPvP. This cleaned up a lot of random problems that were occurring by making it so too many things could not modify data at once.

[July 25]

- Fix voting for websites (again >_>)
- Fix possible race condition with damaging a combat tag where a player just disconnected
- Fix FFA counts in the Arena Lobby
- Fix error with running out of matches message
- Fix Debuff and NoDebuff spawn locations in Arena Lobby
- Clean up side scoreboard on Arena Lobby to look nicer
- Allow Combo kit to be used in duels
- Fix issue with particles in cosmetics randomly appearing in ArenaPvP servers
- Add more locks to our code (internal stuff to follow up on MasterGberry’s stabliziation patch)
- Fix /follow command
- Fix issue with arenas not being freed up properly
- Ensure we have match data saved properly
- Fix issue with ranked match limitations not working
- Fix issue with unranked match limitations not working
- Try to improve the matchmaker to be more dynamic for scanning rating ranges depending on the region
- Fix issue with 10 unranked win minimum in order to play ranked matches
- Enable better error logging for debugging purposes
- Fixed issue with number of matches played tracking

[July 26]

- Improve method of sending players to FFA worlds
- Give more descriptive unranked match quota error message informing the user which ladders have unlimited ranked matches that day
- Fix mod permissions on ArenaPvP servers
- Clear spectator inventory on match end
- Re-enable red rover and fix misc bugs with it
- Fix issue in FFA where menu items could be dropped/picked up
- Fix an issue where potions could be re-used
- Create a nice /stats command for FFA servers
- Fix FFA stat tracking
- Enable horse duels
- Fixed some typos in messages
- Fix it so that duel requests are being sent to the proper region if someone is on a different region
- Send an error if the person you are trying to duel is on another region (kinda contradicts last point)
- Fix it so that the unranked ladders change every 24 hours for the 2 that are unlimited matches
- Clean up some error messages with ranked/unranked limitations on matches per day

[July 27]

- Change map name to store internal name on match data for website integration
- Generate arena map images automatically
- Re-organize the unranked ladders to show which ones are unlimited and which ones are limited easier
- Do not show players on Arena Lobby leaderboards if they are not placed yet
- Fix issue with relogging players not having KB changes applied to them
- Fix tab list to reset when a player uses an Arena Rating reset
- Remove some old Arena code that is no longer needed
- Create better internal tools to help manage turning on and off Arena regions
- Re-enabled tournament command (big mistake lol)
- Fix misusage of the tournament command (thanks Archy for breaking everything again)
- Re-organize a lot of the tournament code to make it usable
- Fixed voting for maps (AGAIINNNNN)

[July 28]

- Fixed issue where tab list ratings were not always updating
- Fixed a bunch of issues with tournament that I can’t be bothered to list out because it was pretty much everything was not working properly.
- Fix issue where team ids were being sent to arena servers instead of player ids
- Fixed issue with players who had unlimited ranked matches running out of unlimited ranked matches
- Fixed party matchmaker to actually use the party’s rating instead of the default rating
- Fixed issue where the same unlimited unranked ladder could be chosen twice

[July 29]

- Fixed Arena Lobby items to show proper queue counts
- More descriptive errors when trying to join miscellaneous games
- Disable spectator items for 5 seconds when going into spectator mode from dying in a match
- Force load default kit in FFA if nothing is chosen
- Fix spectator bug with FFA and items disappearing
- Work on UHC Meetup
- Fixed mod permissions for FFA Worlds and UHC Meetup
- Fix map voting (\o/ \o/ \o/)
- Cleaned up some dynamic server stuff to enable better debugging
- Fix issue with allowing players following someone to queue up for a match
- Reorganize some matchmaker logic

[July 30]

- Begin to implement reliable messaging system in order to guarantee that messages between servers are not lost in transit (stability changes)
- If a lobby server shuts down make sure to remove players from UHC Meetup queue

[July 31]

- Don’t spam spectator messages when trying to use an item
- Load default kit when a match starts if no kit is chosen before the countdown ends
- Begin work on cross-server private messaging system
- Fix issue with too many accounts connected from a particular IP issue

[August 1]

- Fix issue where some parts of BuildUHC maps did not have a height limit
- Change knockback for non-speed ladders to what MasterGberry, Archybot, and prplz thought was best, aka the UHC knockback that everyone was asking for. Going to just start banning people complaining about KB at this point.
- Rework how information is transferred between servers and our back-end systems.
- DDoS Badlion offline because of mistakes made with previous system
- Fix it so you do not get teleported to a non-existent lobby for /unfollow or disabling spectator mode
- Better handle when a server crashes how the internal data is cleaned up to prevent bad usage

[August 2]

- Add a spectator scoreboard/sidebar to show information about the match they are viewing
- Show team colors of the players above their heads when spectating
- Show when a player dies for a spectator instead of just having the player disappear
- Give the spectator more items to be able to teleport to players in the match and change their speed
- Fix Combo sign information in the kit creation area

[August 3]

- Allow players to be hidden in the arena lobby
- Fix issue with gift matches and time zones not being very nice
- More progress on UHC Meetup
- Modify Party code to try and prevent players from being stuck in parties for too long

[August 4]

- Modify duel requests to by default use the inventory for accepting/denying duels instead of a chat message (you can still use a chat message by changing your options)
- Enable UHC Meetup queue item in arena lobby for usage
- Fix some UHC Meetup bugs for spectators
- Fix UHC Meetup Spectator sidebar
- Fixed issue showing the wrong number of placement matches in chat messages

[August 5]

- Enable UHC Meetup for public usage
- Enable Tab List to show on the ArenaPvP servers in addition to the Arena Lobby
- Fix voting on websites (again)

[August 6]

- Fix consistency issues with amount of rating gained/lost per game on the website and in game chat messages
- Run script to fix players who have been stuck in parties for a week or so (one time fix)
- Ensure the matches expire eventually for users (temp fix to larger issue)
- Fix issues with UHC Meetup Counts being incorrect
- Add titles to the game (1.8 and higher) for various actions while playing (also an option to disable it)
- Load default kit if no kit is chosen when a UHC Meetup starts
- Clean up sidebar in UHC Meetup
- Fix sky basing limits in UHC meetup and water bucket glitching
- UHC Meetup now shows how many players are in queue when telling you that you are in queue
- Fix misc UHC Meetup bugs
- Cut off team names from the tab list if it is too large on the arena servers
- Add a /stats command to the arena pvp servers
- Fix issue with players not being removed from queue when a server shuts off

[August 7]

- Fix players who are were stuck in a match still (one time fix)
- If a player has a BuildUHC kit configured then load that by default instead of the default kit for UHC Meetup
- If a player has a kit created for a ladder in ArenaPvP pick that over the default kit if the user does not choose a kit before the match starts

[August 8]

- Allow players to boost their teammates with a fishing rod in BuildUHC kits
- Added health below the names in BuildUHC matches like in a real UHC
- Improved UHC Meetup world generation times
- Disabled crafting in UHC Meetup
- UHC Meetup track combat tag kills properly
- Fix UHC Meetup counts in different regions in the lobby
- Fix map voting (for reals this time)

[August 9]

- Nicer rank up effects built into the ArenaLobby
- Fix BuildUHC health removal at the end of the match
- Fix issue when Arena Lobby’s shut off and players still were not being removed from UHC Meetup queue properly
- Better refill chest system implemented for SG FFA
- Show proper queue counts in the main lobby for UHC Meetup

[August 10]

- Start redoing chat settings so they can be integrated into the new cross-server chat messaging system

[August 11]

- Redo the way player settings are stored to make them easier to use across the network
- Fix issue with custom BuildUHC kits not working on the UHC Meetup servers
- Fix health to show below names in UHC Meetup all the time
- Redo the /list command to make it more usable throughout the network
- Fix issue with unranked inventory sometimes being mis-orderd in terms of which ladders have unlimited matches for the day

[August 12]

- Added new name tags to show the rank of the player in their highest ladder in the ArenaPvP Lobby. Also shows their network rank (Donator, Donator+, Lion, etc).
- Fix a slew of Red rover errors that have been laying around unattended
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Going to just start banning people complaining about KB at this point.

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[August 13]

- Fixed voting
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