DexterMC AMA
why do you have mc in your name of course it's minecraft
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Burdening wrote

Would you consider yourself a Donald Trump Supporter? #MakeAmericaGreatAgain?

No, I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter but will be voting for Hillary.
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SnowGod wrote

It is the truth that I am the Carlos#1 right?

No, I will always be #1. ;)
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PolarsBears wrote

Why is @Unwise a tick?

He just is, once a tick always a tick.
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reb_hi wrote

would u rob a bank to save your dick, meaning if u wont do it u wont have a dick

Yes. ;)
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redex_ wrote

Hi Dexter, what's your favourite thing about being a Badlion staff member?

My favorite thing about being a Badlion staff member is being able to socialize with other staff members and helping other players. I've met a lot of amazing people since being staff. I love talking to people and I enjoy helping others.
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RealSportsFan wrote

What's your obsession with wanting to bite people and why do you always call me cute?

I've always been obsessed with biting, I don't know why lol.. And I always call you cute because you're so small. You're like my little son, I'd always be here for you and protect you from anyone/anything. You're an AMAZING person and I'm so glad I met you.
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xNiiNJAx wrote

Why did you leave my clan? :(

Not a fan of clans, tbh lol. I'm sorry! I still love you though.
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Getiix wrote

1. What's your favorite memory here on Badlion?

2. Have you ever thought about resigning, if so, why?

1. I can't really think of a favorite memory since every day is different and great in its own way. It'd be impossible to pick a favorite memory when I'm constantly surrounded by great / positive things. :)

2. I've thought about resigning before but I wouldn't be resigning any time soon. I enjoy being a staff member for Badlion, I love to help players and if I were to resign, I wouldn't be able to assist players anymore and I'm not quite ready to give that up yet. Everyone thinks of "resigning" one point as staff, it's perfectly normal. Nothing lasts forever, everything has to end one day.. :-)
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Suitability wrote

Do you like the horse ladder?

Not really, I'm not really good when I'm on a horse, to be quite honest I'm not good at PVP in general. My favorite ladder is Build UHC though.
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Lynkkis wrote

why do you have mc in your name of course it's minecraft

My original ign was DexterKills, I thought DexterMC looked better so I changed it.
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xIronMatt wrote

Coffee or Tea
Donut or Bagel
UHC or Pot
UHC or Soup
Pot or Soup
Hot Dog or Hamburger
If you went to subway right now, what would you order?
What do you like on your pizza?
Favorite pizza establishment? (Chain or not)
How do you like your eggs cooked?
Preferred Soda?
Debuff or No Debuff?
Favorite type of cake (Vanilla, Chocolate etc.)
Favorite type of muffin
If you went to starbucks right now, what would you order
Marvel or DC
Favorite type of juice?
How do you like your burger/steak cooked?
Favorite type of steak?
Favorite color?
Do you wake up early or sleep in?
Do you stay up late or go to bed early?
Do you follow sports, if so which sports?
Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?
What type of phone do you have?
Favorite Steam game?
Favorite type of pie?
Gyazo or Lightshot?
Favorite type of ice cream?
Favorite Movie?
Favorite TV Show?

1. If it's iced tea then yeah but if it's hot tea then I'd choose coffee over it.

2. Bagel

3. UHC

4. UHC

5. Soup

6. Hamburger

7. Italian bread with bacon, lettuce, ham, swiss cheese, and avocado.

8. Pineapple and chicken.

9. Domino's

10. Scrambled

11. Sprite

12. Neither tbh.

13. Yellow cake.

14. Chocolate

15. Probably a vanilla bean or a vanilla latté.

16. Marvel

17. Apple juice

18. Meat well-done

19. Rib

20. Blue

21. Sleep in

22. I sleep late because my sleeping schedule is messed up.

23. Yes, baseball and basketball.

24. Summer olympics

25. Phone

26. Nine

27. Apple

28. Lightshot

29. Vanilla

30. Benjamin Button

31. Gotham
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DexterMC wrote

Ryano_ wrote...

I'm not, I father you, Samuel, and my Legi well. I love you my sons and would do anything for you guys.
i love you
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Zašto imaš četiri staff ranka u isto vrijeme?
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riioo wrote

Zašto imaš četiri staff ranka u isto vrijeme?
I ja se pitam o_O
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Where did you get your good looks?
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are you an egirl
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Why "Dexter"?
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Turks or Germans?!
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Do you love me
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