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For Those With Connection Problems, I Have a Solution.
Hello everyone.

Earlier, when I was playing on the server, I could not help but notice, that many players were complaining about their internet connection. Most players blame the server, assuming that the server is the cause of their connection issues. I noticed no issues regarding my connection, so I attempted to assist some players with their connection.

This solution might be obvious, but it is Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables are capable of providing optimal internet performance, for gaming. This thread will be about informing players about Ethernet cables, because, believe me, there is more to it than some people might think.

If you already have an Ethernet cable and you're still experiencing connection issues, there might be a specific problems. For instance, there are many types of Ethernet cables. An example can be, a Cat3 Ethernet cable. A Cat3 Ethernet cable, is only capable of reaching a maximum of 10mbps. Let's suppose that your internet is a 40mbps, however, even with an Ethernet cable, you're still experiencing "lag". With a Cat3 internet cable, your computer will not be able to perform at maximum performance. Furthermore, if you somehow acquire a Cat5 cable, capable of supporting up to 100 mbps, will be a solution. If you have a connection beyond 100mbps (not likely) you might consider getting a Cat5e (supports 1Gbps) or Cat 6 (supports 10Gbps).

With the print on the Ethernet cable, you will be able to determine which "Cat" it is, and therefore, if you need to replace it, or not.

Also, refrain from buying your cable at a local store, otherwise, you will lose money that you could have saved. In Amazon, I purchased a 30.5m (100-feet) Cat6 Ethernet cable for an extremely low price. A five pack of this type of cable, costs the same as a single one that you would buy at a local store. I was forced to buy this exaggerated length, because my room is incredibly far from the internet router, thus making a wireless connection impossible. Here is the link of the cable I bought, if you have a similar problem:

Also, here's a link if your problem is not length:

This is a Cat6a Ethernet cable.

I hope I helped.
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