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Badlion Premium Animation List (w/ other's ideas)
I thought that I would make what people are most concerned about with Badlion Premium and put it into a list.
I had made a small post on the 'Badlion: Revised' thread which most people agreed with:
I realize that you guys aren't probably looking at animations right now and are trying to fix the system, but since I have been playing
for a while now I understand what people are going to like and dislike.

Some quite obvious things that you guys probably heard of but just stating them:

1) Making the player flash red like when you hit someone on 1.7.10, it's different and honestly
harder to tell when you hit someone.

2) Fixing the bow and fishing rod animation to be like 1.7.10, in my opinion, way easier to play
build with this.

3) Being able to mine blocks while eating/potting up, obviously this is exclusive to before 1.7.10
as it was patched in 1.8 and it's just a simple thing that most people like in every game mode and hated
when they took it out of 1.8

The mods GUI:

1) ARMOR STATUS: Most people love the StatusHUD and ArmorHUD that is already a mod in the game, so I suggest adding the same one. Like the same GUI, the one that was in the Mentally video looked terrible so I am guessing it's temporary.

Obviously people are going to want it to be customizable like the normal Minecraft mod. For example, the ablity to change the mod to RIGHT_TOPCORNER to TOP_MIDDLE, BOTTOM_LEFTCORNER, etc. Or the ability to change the layout from vertical to horizontal, or even some people ike to change the x/x values to %.

Like the config in the 1.7.10 ARMORHUD MOD.

2) STATUS HUD: Another mod that I have never heard people complain about at all is the STATUS HUD mod for 1.7.10, which alike the ARMORSTATUSHUD is used by basically everyone in the PVP community. I heard many people also complain about the STATUS HUD GUI in Mentally's video, which also looked pretty unattractive which I understand is probably temporary also.

It would be nice also for this one to have a config alike the mod in normal Minecraft. Many players usually change the position of the Mod, take displaying the potion name off etc.[A feature that isn't even in the normal Minecraft STATUS HUD mod that people like to add through the config is the ability to change potion name color. A few texture packs have it in there already but it would be cool to be able to add it within the config menu. As in showing the Potion name and being able to select the Minecraft color value for it, obviously so you don't have to edit any game files.

BabyMarcel's Video:

3) ToggleSneak Name Editing

Most players now have edited the ToggleSneak "Sprinting [Toggled]" to a random word with different colors in it. It would be cool to have a little input edit box for this maybe.


4) The Keystrokes Mod

The ability to be able to see the keystrokes like the 1.7.10 mod. Would be cool to also add the variations that the mod has such as adding like MouseClick Buttons to the buttom.


With Mouse Buttons:[/img

5) Direction HUD

Original Idea(s):

1) In 1.8 the dropped items look way different, along with the potions in your inventory/hotbar/dropped.

For example: PvPing on 1.8:

PvPing on 1.7:

The potions look way different in 1.8 and since people have been only PvPing in 1.7 for quite awhile now they are going to complain about this. Also the 1.8 animation looks a lot worse in my opinion, and I bet most people are going to say the same thing.

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Will add more stuff if you link.
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@MasterGberry and @Archybot
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+1 to everything
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I would agree with you if this was any other community but as you can see this community hate losing stuff that they love, for example Kohi.
The one thing that I have never heard anyone in this community complain about were the mods such as ToggleSneak, ArmorHUD, and StatusHUD because there is nothing to complain about.
The players looking to play Badlion Premium are most likely playing it for a couple a reasons. One being that the community is dying because of cheaters, and it will be like night and day to go from almost everyone cheating in some way to no one being able to cheat at all. If you listened to what people complained about with Old Kohi they missed the great hit detection and knockback, which I don't know about knockback but everything will be a lot more smoother. Also having a way bigger and broader leaderboard with money involved.

Not saying that you are wrong but I just don't see the purpose of not including the community is suggesting and loves. Badlion Premium is unique in its own way and in a good way.

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1. Already going to be changed
2. Already going to be changed
3. Almost certain they're going to add this
4. Already going to be added
5. Already going to be added
6. Neutral
7. Think I saw them say they're going to add this but not sure, +1 tho
8. I know they have the cps mod so most likely have keystrokes as well but not sure +1 if they don't have it
9. Pretty sure this is going to be added, +1 tho
10. I don't see any difference in the potions/dropped items
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We will probably alter alternative UI's for each mod as time goes on with customization support. Right now we are focused on the core features and making things bug free versus making the UI the most appealing thing in the world to everyone. It works and that is our big concern at the moment. Most of the suggestions and modifications that people are asking for are quite easy to do and will probably worked on during beta/full release in the first month.
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