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Premium Texture Packs
!32 blue v2




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Dualzz - Amaranth

My EUM3 Frost pack

Silents Aero Blue (32x)

Danteh Green default Revamp- link somewhere on this thread

Latenci 64x red v2

gonna edit this later when I think of more nonsuggested
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Dynamic Duo V2 [FPS Friendly]:

Stimpy WAR Eum3 Revamp:

Monso Purple V2:

Tylarzz Super Awesome Pack:

OrangeDantehEdit by Mentally:

Mentally 50k Pack:

Marki 50k Pack (W.A.R Pack Edit):

rex5828 Blue 3k Pack:


Huahwi's InFinite 16x Edit:

Chance Blue Pack:

Infera V2 16x by zulp:

A lot of pack i know!
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40O infinite edit
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by @ricardoh - BEST PACKS 2016/2017

16x Austen Revamp -
16x Danteh Mashup Revamp -
64x Killer Frost -
16x edit -
16x Super Default -
16x Blue Muffinate Edit -
64x-32x Pax10 Revamp -
16x UpriserRyker Remake -
16x ShantV4 Stimpy Edit Remake -
64x BlueFireBandit Faithul Short Swords -
16x Light Blue Default -

fucking hell this took a while
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Amaranth 32x by Dualzz please
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I have a question. If my texture pack have 1 or 2 items with textures higher than 64x, you can put it?
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@jdegoederen told me to make this post,


Pack: Shant Pack v4
Creator: jdegoederen
Youtube Video:

Mediafire Link:
Resolution: Default edit, most items are 16x16.
PM Link
Danteh Green Default Revamped:

brndy Rose Pack:

Smqcked Salvation:

Deep Sky (Dualzz):

GamesToJump Pack:

Ghoul Pack V1 (Apexay):

Infera (iSparkton):

Kogo 4K Mashup:

Kuo 32x:

Latenci Rose Gold 16x :

Monsos Purple:

Nightfall UHC (Smqcked):

rex 3K Pack:

Panther (Wombify):

Shant V4 (jdegoederen):
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Vanir 4k -
Kakuja -
Killua -
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xDix_'s Blue PvP Pack:
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Mentally 50k Pack please
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Shant Pack V4 -
Radiant 32x -
Latenci 16x Red -
Deep Sky Edit By DeysTrafe -
Red Edit by QuickSG -
Huahwi Infinte 16x -
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Anyone that can link scopes 32x pls?
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MyNameIsChuggle wrote

Anyone that can link scopes 32x pls?

It has been suggested like a thousand times, don't worry
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Scope 32x for win
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Stimpy War Remake:
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Danteh Green Default Revamp
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First of all, thank you for giving randoms like me a chance. This is my 64X pack, 50% custom textures, others are mashup, and it meets the requirements.
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Dynamic Duo:

Dynamic Duo V2:

Shant Pack V4:

Shant Pack V4 128x:

Eum3 FPS:


Davina's Fade Pack:

Dark Sea:

Dark Sea V2:

Dark Sea V3:

Dark Sea Revamp:

GamesToJump 2.5 Mashup:

Huahwi Infinite:

Huahwi Infinite Short Swords:

Solrflare Infinite:

Amaranth 32x:

Thanks :)
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