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Cubecore Updates

Hello everyone!

Cubecore is my old server from Kohi that we still host on Badlion. Cubecore is a server where you can practice hcf style pvp with friends or solo. There are events that run automatically like KOTH and DTC. While Cubecore has not received many updates through its time on the network, I have decided to add a few features and fix some problems for the small community that does play it. Thanks to @HassanS6000 for helping make these changes in the plugins.

You can get to the Cubecore server by right clicking the NPC in the lobby or by typing the command '/server ccpractice'. You can only join from the NA proxy (IP:, but an EU server may be added later on if there is demand for it.

The last map for Cubecore had 121,990 unique players and the top player had almost 9,000 kills. Kills are resetting for this new map, but I would like to give a shout out to all the players who were on the leaderboards for this last map and have been faithfully playing Cubecore and keeping it alive!

Leaderboards for Last Map

Top Kills:
dewnE- - - - - - - - - - Kills: 8984 Deaths: 1616 Score: 7368
Guaq- - - - - - - - - - - Kills: 8232 Deaths: 609 Score: 7623
imdavidl- - - - - - - - Kills: 7936 Deaths: 2204 Score: 5732
ComePalomas - - - Kills: 7705 Deaths: 1331 Score: 6374
Atheens - - - - - - - - Kills: 6969 Deaths: 1471 Score: 5498
CUARENTENA- - - - Kills: 6906 Deaths: 1952 Score: 4954
VEPY- - - - - - - - - - - Kills: 6754 Deaths: 1199 Score: 5555
ICantComboYou - Kills: 6655 Deaths: 2606 Score: 4049
SwiftBlitz- - - - - - - Kills: 6320 Deaths: 919 Score: 5401
IamWeak_ - - - - - - Kills: 5980 Deaths: 1707 Score: 4273

Top Score:
Guaq- - - - - - - - - - - Score: 7623 Kills: 8232 Deaths: 609
dewnE- - - - - - - - - - Score: 7368 Kills: 8984 Deaths: 1616
ComePalomas - - - Score: 6374 Kills: 7705 Deaths: 1331
imdavidl- - - - - - - - Score: 5732 Kills: 7936 Deaths: 2204
VEPY- - - - - - - - - - - Score: 5555 Kills: 6754 Deaths: 1199
Atheens - - - - - - - - Score: 5498 Kills: 6969 Deaths: 1471
SwiftBlitz- - - - - - - Score: 5401 Kills: 6320 Deaths: 919
CUARENTENA- - - - Score: 4954 Kills: 6906 Deaths: 1952
Kailios - - - - - - - - - Score: 4391 Kills: 5864 Deaths: 1473
IamWeak_ - - - - - - Score: 4273 Kills: 5980 Deaths: 1707

Nothing too big has changed for the update, just some smaller fixes and small features have been added along with a new map.

  • New Map
  • Stats Reset
  • Blocked Placement of EnderChests and Obsidian
  • Updated sidebar colors
  • Added killstreaks
  • Fixed lag spikes
  • Optimized plugins
  • Added soulbound items which you can not save into your kit or drop.
  • Added loot keys as prizes for KOTHs. You can use these to claim a small prize at spawn. (You can not save or load these from kits)
  • Added lore to all the bard items to show what effects they do.
  • Fixed some random bugs

  • If anyone has any more ideas for things to add, let me know in this post or tag me in another post on the forums.

    For players who have never played Cubecore or aren't sure what there is to the server, here are its current features:

    Right click a chest at spawn to get items.
    Right click a brewing stand at spawn to get potions.
    Right click an anvil at spawn to save your current inventory to a kit or load a saved inventory. You can save up to 9 inventories.


    There are 4 different kits each which you can get by equipping different armors.

     - Full Diamond
     - Gives no effects

     - Full chainmail
     - Speed III and Jump Boost II
     - Back-stab a player with a gold sword to deal 3.5 hearts of damage to them.
     - Right click a sugar for Speed V for 10 seconds

     - Full leather
     - Speed III
     - The further you are from a player when you shoot them, the more damage it does to them.
     - Right click sugar for a Speed III for 15 seconds.

     - Full gold armor
     - Speed II, Weakness IV, Regeneration I, Resistance II
    Bard Effects: All Bard effects will effect player/squad members 30 blocks from you.
     - Ghast Tear
      Hold: Regeneration I
      Click: Regeneration IV 6 Seconds
     - Feather
      Hold: Jump Boost II
     - Blaze Rod
      Hold: Strength I
      Click Strength II 4 Seconds
     - Iron Ingot
      Hold: Resistance I
      Click Resistance III 7 Seconds
     - Magma Cream
      Hold: Fire Resistance I
     - Fermented Spider Eye
      Click: Wither II 4.5 Seconds


    To view all KOTHs and find where they are in the map use /koth list same for DTC /dtc list

    You can find out when the KOTHs/DTCs start with /koth time and /dtc time

    King of The Hill has a 5 minute timer. Destroy The Core heath starts at 150, and will regenerate if no one breaks it for a bit.


    This has always been a feature, not sure if people use it but its there. /duel <name> to 1v1 someone.


    You can create a squad with /squad create <name> and invite people to it. Squads can have a max of 5 players. Use /c <msg> to type in squad chat.

    Other Random Things:

    Right click the beacons at spawn with a sword to randomly rename it.
    The world resets every night when the server reboots.
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    sounds cool keep doing a great job git :^)
    PM Link
    This is an amazing gamemode but I feel like it would be more played if you removed nodebuff ffas
    PM Link

    Saimo wrote

    This is an amazing gamemode but I feel like it would be more played if you removed nodebuff ffas

    PM Link
    is the kb on cubecore the same as arena?
    PM Link

    Saimo wrote

    This is an amazing gamemode but I feel like it would be more played if you removed nodebuff ffas

    yes please !
    PM Link

    Saimo wrote

    This is an amazing gamemode but I feel like it would be more played if you removed nodebuff ffas

    Other than that I feel like kit customization should be more user friendly, make it so you just click signs for full kits and then you can edit them instead of the current system which is kinda slow
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    PM Link
    Nice! Now can you make it so anyone who plays on SA or EU normally can't join?
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    @PhaseMC boiiii
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    PM Link

    Saimo wrote

    This is an amazing gamemode but I feel like it would be more played if you removed nodebuff ffas

    you are talking about debuff's like poison and slowness ?
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    @PhaseMC @ElvenKing_ @xIronMatt Ahhh, good times when we were factions mods and usually came here!
    PM Link
    You already know there is going to be a gang of archers just camping in a skybase sniping everybody
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    no point in having this, shit died right when you ditched kohi.
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    Automatically Deleted
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    Nice, can't wait for an EU version!
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    Damn straight! My little piece of kohi finally got an update *tears*
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    @git @HassanS6000 , thank you for your hard work guys!
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    @git can't duel people
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