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Luka's AMA
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Purped wrote


How do you feel about the current global environment and what the governments are doing for it?

What do you feel the biggest problem with any government is?

Do you like your government?

1. Not afraid to get your opinion out, haven't had much interaction with you, although I believe you'd make a good CM. ;)
2. You generally don't get to form such opinions living in a third world country, to me it's as stale as it could be.
3. Lack of motive for holding any governmental positions.
4. I wouldn't say it in any way quite impacts me or the people I know/am relatively close to. Unsure about the Serbian people's general thoughts, although I'm generally neutral.
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xIronMatt wrote

Coffee or Tea
Donut or Bagel
UHC or Pot
UHC or Soup
Pot or Soup
Hot Dog or Hamburger
If you went to subway right now, what would you order?
What do you like on your pizza?
Favorite pizza establishment? (Chain or not)
How do you like your eggs cooked?
Preferred Soda?
Debuff or No Debuff?
Favorite type of cake (Vanilla, Chocolate etc.)
Favorite type of muffin
If you went to starbucks right now, what would you order
Marvel or DC
Favorite type of juice?
How do you like your burger/steak cooked?
Favorite type of steak?
Favorite color?
Do you wake up early or sleep in?
Do you stay up late or go to bed early?
Do you follow sports, if so which sports?
Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?
What type of phone do you have?
Favorite Steam game?
Favorite type of pie?
Gyazo or Lightshot?
Favorite type of ice cream?
Favorite Movie?
Favorite TV Show?

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION - [email protected] or -Matt ? o;


1. Tea
2. Bagel
3. Pot
4. Soup
5. Soup
6. Hot Dog
7. Haven't ever been there, would have to check the menu first.
8. Pineapple (◕‿◕✿)
9. "Kod Koje"
10. Over Hard
11. Cockta
12. No Debuff
13. Berries cake
14. We don't really make those here
15. We don't have it here, although I've been there once. Would need to experiment with the menu.
16. Marvel
17. Peach/Grapes juice
18. Medium
19. White/Yellow
20. I tend to wake up early
21. I tend to stay up late
22. I don't
23. Winter Olympics
24. An iPhone 7 plus
25. I don't quite use steam, although the ones I enjoyed playing were "ASAMU" and "Ben and Ed"
26. Apple pie
27. Lightshot
28. Cheesecake
29. I watch movies a lot, can't pick a favorite
30. I don't watch TV
31. Matt
32. You seem to be an experienced senior, haven't got to work with you personally yet, although would love to from what I've seen on the appeals/reports.
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Skillapp wrote

werent u in my trial batch? xd or the one after or something

Yeah, It was one batch after yours :P
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Slypering wrote


What do you hope to achieve by working as a senior?

Would you ever start YouTube again? If so, what would you upload?

1. Haven't talked to you yet, although I come across you in-game quite a lot, will make sure to /msg you next time.
2. Generally greatly helping the community, as much as the staff team's efficiency which I've longed for well before applying as well.
3. I'd love to, though the second part of the question is where I'm stuck at.
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LukeWilliams10 wrote

Do you have any regrets on Badlion, and IRL?
In your opinion, is world peace ever achievable?
Would you prefer A slightly crooked Democracy or an honest dictator?
Least favourite Subject in school - why?
A country you would never visit?
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Favourite book?
Is there any fictional characters who inspire you?
Im personally not, but are you a fan of subtweeting?
Do you agree with the phase "When the trust is gone, it's gone" ?
You wake up and special adviser walks into your Room. Tell you he's glad to see you up and asks if you need anything. Unwilling to believe, you've woke up in the shoes of a Dictator. With a country of oppression, suffering and famine around you. What would you do on your first day?
The best advice anyone has ever gave you?
Favourite Emoji?
Does the end always justify the means?
Opinion :P

1. Thankfully, none Badlion-wise so far. A few I'd like to be kept private IRL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2. No, could go on further, yet it's just my mindset.
3. Hypothetically speaking, a completely objective, unbiased dictator.
4. Physics. I don't generally dislike any subjects for what they are, but for how boring the teachers can make them.
5. I'd like to visit all of them under peaceful circumstances of course, wouldn't want to visit any who don't meet those.
6. The way mass media operates/Many countries' school systems. Would need to flip a coin to choose between those two.
7. Finding Alaska, however I don't read much although I've used to.
8. None that I could think of at this very moment.
9. I'm not, I generally like more direct people.
10. I do, even though I'm generally an easily forgivable person.
11. Start changing the said country's characteristics to their antonyms.
12. There's no advice I tend to live by daily
13. Either the facepalming, or the shrugging one.
14. A semi philosophical question, with my current answer being yes, as long as the end is benign. Will get back to you when I get the said school subject in two years ;)
15. I truly couldn't wish for a better manager, I admire the way you operate your staff, how you manage your own work, along with many personality traits you possess. :)
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spagioli wrote


Haven't come across you before you asking this question, thus haven't formed one yet. :)
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