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Dev Log #75 08/29 - 09/09

Hey players!

The Badlion Client 1.2 update went out a little more than a week ago and we are very excited with the feedback we got from everyone. We are listening to all the suggestions and bug reports and are working on an improved version with more mods and features.

Be on the lookout for more fantastic updates as we continue to sculpt Badlion 2.0 throughout September!

Badlion Client 1.2

End of UHC Season 6

UHC 6.0 Full Launch

UHC Meetup 3.0 Full Launch

New streamlined and automatic scaling ban system, similar to scaling mutes

- Badlion Client new mods and improvements
- ArenaPvP S15 Full Release
- UHC Run Full Release
- Tips!
- CTW improvements
- Website profile overhaul (soon tm)
- Network Currency/Leveling (in testing)
- Boosters for Currency/Leveling (in testing)
- Achievement System (in development)
- Cosmetics 2.0 (in development)

- Fixed incorrectly given out legacy donator/donator+/lion ranks
- Optimized communication with the database
- Fixed to show streams of Badlion players again
- Implemented season 2 ladders to leaderboards and profiles
- Give Plus users access to clans on the website
- Send users a message in-game when their store rank expires
- Tweak store systems to support add-ons
- Added player count to /party list
- More robust sanity checks when initially logging in to network
- Updated CTW scrimmage maps (Removed Pallow/Dellbarrow, added Villa/Tropic)
- Fix some numbers and textures for ArenaPvP Season 15 Hall of Fame
- Allow Senior+ staff to global mute lobbies
- Arrows now go through players in Spleef ladder on ArenaPvP
- Disable unlimited matchmaking for non-donators on ArenaPvP
- Regular players now get extra free ranked matches on ArenaPvP if playing using Badlion Client
- Add scaling ban system and streamline ban reasons for staff
- Update Cubecore name to Cubecore Kits
- Advertise the Badlion Store more throughout the network
- Change lobby hologram text
- Allow duels in S15 Test Diamond Rod kit
- Disable team management in UHCs after game starts
- Rebrand Premium to Lion+ across the network
- Update NPCs for UHC Elite lobby

- Fix arenas not resetting on ArenaPvP and sometimes having blocks from past matches
- Fix users very rarely getting kicked for Badlion Authentication Error when using the Badlion Client
- Fixes to new UHC 6.0 panel on the website for UHC hosts
- Fix being able to invite someone to your party if they were already in a party
- Fix incorrect player counts in lobby
- Fix ArenaPvP Season 15 sidebar player count numbers breaking rarely
- Fix links in certain messages not being clickable
- Fix global mute on a UHC server muting all UHC servers on the network rather than just the one UHC server
- Fix build server not booting correctly due to outdated configuration files
- Fix incorrect permissions on /spec command in UHC
- Fix CTF flag capture message using real names if a player was disguised
- Fix issue with timebomb chest alerts in UHC 6.0

- ArenaPvP past season stats are not showing on player profiles (fixed in website rework)
- ArenaPvP match history doesn't show for some players on their profile (fixed in website rework)
- Minecraft 1.7.10 client sometimes crashes in SG games
- Disguise skins for your own player on 1.8+ clients are not being reset to your actual skin in games like SG during countdown
- SG ratings are disabled until the new season starts up
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Awesome :)
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Well done!
Badlion has been doing great job recently.
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Love the newest updates and hopefully more good ones to come!
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Great stuff! Looking forward to the website profile overhaul update.
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We have hype, for ArenaPvp, but when Season 15 will be full relaced, we will lost the unlimited matchs
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unlimited matches :(
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Automatically Deleted
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Excited for this!
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Nice updates. Keep going on guys. <3
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