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[UHC] Community UHC hosts

Community UHC hosts are too much accessible, make it more expensive please !

100 € for ONE 50 player uhc per week is way too cheap !



A lot of little streamers/youtubers/known players (even random players) would like to host some UHCs, but they don't care about Lion+ rank upgrades !

U should make a Community Host RANK which only permits players to

- Host UHCs
- minimum 70 or + players
- 4 games MINIMUM per week
- maybe unlimited BUILDUHC / UHC matches / horse / archer (?) (unranked/ranked)
- maybe uhc meetup rerolls
- maybe spectating allowed in uhc

And make it cheaper than lion rank xD

And maybe do a subscription for Community Host rank… idk (mabe make the subscription give more advantages than the perma rank, and provide the players an option to upgrade their perma rank with addons)

IDK, but 1 game with only 50 players a week… for 100 € is really expensive bro. Lion ranks would be able to have better options due to the price of their rank !

I know that i'm not Lion, neither host/youtube/streamer/uhc player but i seen the prices and i wanted to react, this is just my opinion, if you disagree please let me know your opinion below :P !

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