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NA Domination 5v5 - Nov 4/5th - Review & Invitational!
Congratulations to TheNotoriousMOLE, GiantMole, GayMole, ConstipatedMole, HighMole, YUNGMole,
NuttyMole, and WakaMole of Team Yung Mole Nation for taking home first place in our $1000 5v5 Domination tournament!

BAC & Delays

BAC had some lingering bugs and crashes which still caused problems for some people this tourney. Right now we have people message ginie for exemptions, however relying on one person isn't always optimal. We like the rule that players must submit a bug report to be exempted, however in the future I'd like to have a thread created ahead of time where players could link their Badlion Client bug reports and multiple tourney staff could clear them. This might be how we do it for the invitationals.

There was an issue present throughout the weekend (although much more on Saturday) where BAC Authentication servers would hiccup or go down and a bunch of people would crash. It seems like this is due to some sort of overloading of the servers. Anyway, Archy has been made aware and the Senior developers are fixing the issues. There were a couple instances of this affecting matches: on Saturday it essentially crashed everyone in the match, which led us to restart. Later Saturday and on Sunday, however, it happened again but briefly and only crashed 1-2 people per team, and most teams had subs ready (as you are expected to with 9-man rosters). We stuck to our policy of not restarting matches for small numbers of people experiencing BAC issues, as you are expected to prepare subs. I believe this was the right decision as it didn't have any significant impact on the tourney and we did not have time for match restarts.

Group Stage Experiment

Badlion's done group stages before, but it's been a while. The group stages were fun in that teams got to play more matches instead of playing once against an experienced team and being out. My concern was that the amount of no shows led to a lot of delays and problems. The group stage ran more than doubly as long as we were expecting, which caused some teams to have to leave unfortunately. In the future, we will try to plan for shorter group stages, as 8 matches was obviously too many (it's very chaotic too when each round depends on the previous one). I want to consider a different format for future use, perhaps even the invitationals, called Swiss. More on that later though.

Length of Tournament

The tournament took a lot more time than originally anticipated. Saturday ran slow due to BAC problems, teams delaying, and a shortage of helpers on our part. We will try to do better in the future as far as being sufficiently staffed, and we also think that being tougher on teams will be for the better. In the future, we will be giving teams an exact amount of time to get ready, and if they don't, then they get DQed. This seems to be pretty effective.

Sunday ran very long as well, however this was my fault as I assumed the 8 team Bo3 Double Elimination format would take an hour per round at the most. Unfortunately, delaying the play-in match combined til Sunday along with many of the Bo3's running to 3 games led to a very long Sunday, something which we'd rather not repeat.

In the future, I think the choice should be two stages or double elim but not both. Double elimination with Bo3 just takes too long for one day in these kinds of gamemodes. I am really sorry again to all of the teams and players who were unable to compete for the full length of the tournament, and to those who had to stay up until midnight on a Sunday night. We will do our best to plan this out more thoroughly in the future and prevent another situation like this from occurring.

Seeding Committee

For the past two tournaments, we used a small committee of 20ish experienced community members to seed the tournaments. Their seedings have been really accurate, and have been much closer to the actual results than any metrics we could find. Until we have more reliable metrics, this really seems to be the best way to go as far as seeding goes.


There was a tie in Group C in the bracket between 3 teams: Bait, 50ShadesOfOminous, and Branca. The tiebreaker system didn't produce a reasonable result in this specific situation, which was my fault, and I apologize greatly for this, as I thought the system was foolproof. Basically, the tiebreaker was designed to be the average of the point difference between the team and their opponent. In Group C's case, most teams no showed, so all 3 of the teams tied for second in the group had negative average points. This was especially complicated because team 50ShadesOfOminous had a better average difference than Branca, but they had played an easier opponent who left before Branca got to play them. It's very tough to determine what would have happened had Branca played this opponent.

Looking at Bait, they had the best score of the 3 without even playing this easier opponent, so it was natural to call them the 2nd best team and then consider a tie between Branca and 50Shades for 3rd. Now with this tie, we had a few options. The decision of the administration was to stick with the head-to-head game between the two, which Branca won, and so Branca moved on.

Either decision would have made a team angry and either decision would have caused outrage. There were arguments for advancing either team, and the decision was very difficult to make. I cannot thank JuztChicken enough for his understanding and mature response to the decision. I would very much like to see 50ShadesOfOminous back for more tournaments in the future, and I'm sorry that it had to end on the weird tiebreaker technicality. In the future I will make sure to test these tiebreaker methods much more closely.

And now the fun part…


[Yung Mole Nation - 1st - $650]

[PureBlocks - 2nd - $250]

[Saber - 3rd - $100]

The above teams’ leaders should contact ginie1 in game or on Discord regarding their prize money.
You can find the full results here:

- - -


And now what you've really been waiting for…

We'd like to formally announce and congratulate our 8 invitational teams!

From our CTF tournament, we invite the following teams:

Rome (1st) - IAMPHIL, Macedon, Melyn, Danhookah, Jarl5026, xHeimskr, Suhji, Joyful, and ButIDK
PureBlox (2nd) - AdamChen, Loo, Subir, Ponca, dragonpasa, weaboo511, LoganPaulFan1, and 2 free spots

From our CTW tournament, we invite the following teams:
Aura (1st) - MCUnbreakable, Zaquez, Twisz, bjr201111, Vijf, Kiloh, and 3 free spots
YAGA (3rd) - Albinooooooo, Chuchote, Jaysoff, DeltaDragon222, beandoff, Zegita, Nezustam and 2 free spots

From our Domination tournament, we invite the following teams:
Tribe (T-5th) - Zicuri, Steyn2g, Spyrovic, Heldius, Zaoki, LFT, Claf, Mounta, and 1 free spot
Ominous Pink (7th) - Kiivo, FlareDoge, Jinxful, JustBudah, Hatchye, AbyKhan, and 3 free spots

And finally, the higher tournament staff have decided to invite the following teams who showed strong promise in each of the tournaments they competed in:
Bait - Led by Lerry, free to change their roster within reason
Branca - Led by Recoovery, free to change their roster within reason

Congratulations to all those invited, and we look forward to seeing you on the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd for our $5000 Invitational!
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A few things for the invitational…

What kind of format would work the best? Would you guys rather see a group stage (perhaps a Swiss format) on Saturday leading into a 4 team bracket on Sunday? Or would you prefer a double elimination 8 team bracket over both days? Any ideas, suggestions, are appreciated. We really want to hear what you guys want to see for our largest prize pool tournament ever.

How should the gamemodes be integrated into the invitationals…Should it be a Bo3 of a single gamemode per team? A Bo3 consisting of one map from each gamemode? 3 Bo3's? Or some combination?

Any other suggestions you guys have, please post them here. :)
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Congrats to all 8 teams!

*ps*: first comment besides ny

What kind of format would work the best?: Two-day double elimination sounds fine

How should the gamemodes be integrated into the invitationals?: Personally, a bo3 where every gamemode gets a map.

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What kind of format would work the best? I would like to see a two-day double elimination tournament for sure.

How should the gamemodes be integrated into the invitationals? If you guys think there is enough time, I would like to go for a 3 Bo3's matches each round. However, if there is not enough time, I would go for a Bo3 consisting of one map from each gamemode.

Also I would like to know what type of combination are you thinking about for each round smh.
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Congrats to Bait and Branca!

I'm really hyped for the Invitationals, please pick up some advertisers and stream on ESL_Minecraft @Ny_

I'd personally like to see Bo3's with 1 gamemode for each match, and you would pick one gamemode each to play and the 3rd would be the decider if it's 1-1. I would like to see bo1 within each gamemode:

Bo3 - CTW Bo1, CTF Bo1, Dom Bo1.

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Congrats and good luck to everyone!
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Congrats to all the team who has passed to the invitationals!
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Group Stages:
I was extremely happy to see the tournament have group stage and being able to have a day of 5 matches was a lot more fun
I think in order to have teams not give up and stop playing, a system which allows all teams to play a bunch of rounds I believe is a lot better for teams to stick around and see how to improve
Im sure if there were less DQs and slightly smaller groups this would be amazing for a first day and be very fun
Its great that each qualifer has mixed up the system to see what is best for the future and I think that Group Stages are a great way to go!

Seeding Idea:
Seeding the top teams is obviously a lot easier than the lower skilled teams that dont scrim as much
Therefore I think a great way to improve the accuracy of seeding in the future is to have a "seeding group stage"
This could be a manditory part either on a saturday or the week before, where all teams that have signed up play a randomly generated group stage with 6 - 8 teams in each group
As teams would play against many other teams, this would help the committee in determining the most accurate seeds for teams that do not practice much
Furthermore, if teams do not show up then this gives an indication that are likely not going to show up on the actual day and therefore could be DQed from that tournament
There wouldnt even have to be a prize, but could act as a good way to get practice for the tournament and allow the committee to create more accurate seeding for all teams
Hopefully future tournaments will be able to get 50+ teams and therefore this could help remove no showers and create a more accurate and competitive bracket

If you think the Swiss Method could be very good then I wouldn't mind, I think mixing it up and finding out ways to improve large tournaments is important for the future of competitive and large ESL backed tournaments on Badlion
As for the gamemodes, I would prefer a Bo3 for all 3 gamemodes, but I feel like this could take multiple hours
At the end of the day these are the best teams competing, so matches in CTF are usually going to take the full 15 mins and could last 45 mins and close Domination rounds usually last 20 minutes and could take another hour.
As for CTW I fear that it will take forever, games were lasting over an hour last tournament and in a Bo3 that's crazy long.
I think that ways to speed up CTW should be made eg. Map changes, Overtime reduction, Time limit, Proximity or whatever to reduce the games down to around 30mins even for very close matches
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Anyway great tournament, grats to Bait + Branca for being invited
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Kiivo wrote

Anyway great tournament, grats to Bait + Branca for being invited

only got an invite cause all the teams who got past groups were already qualified
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bo3 the 3 gamemodes
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Congrats to everyone who made it!
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Hi, so how does getting money work? I am confused, sorry.. :(
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How should the gamemodes be integrated into the invitationals?
Imo CTW would take a lot of time for every match so maybe a bo1 for ctw and bo3 for ctf and dom
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ShreyaBista wrote

Kiivo wrote...

only got an invite cause all the teams who got past groups were already qualified

maybe they invited us to beat another top team huh :P
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Congrats to all the team who has passed to the invitationals!
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