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[Clans] Suggestions to possibly revive clans

Kiivo wrote

+1 More roles and able to customise them a bit would be sweet

+1 Most decent clans have multiple Leaders / Owners so that would be good

-1 I Don't think a person should get some cool rank because he is better at 1v1 Arena than another person

Multiple Roles
-1 I think have different roles such as Member Plus is cool, but for players to have multiple roles at once seems complicated and unnecessary to me

Clan ELO
-1 I don't think Arena should be the metric of a clans skill, and it results in clans focusing on their stats rather than their community

Badlion Client Only Scims and Clan Wars
+1 A new Clan War system is being created, and intergrating the BLC as a requirement is a great idea to stop any hackusations

Clan UI
-1 All I think the clans system should do on the forums is allow people to see who is in what clan and show all the players. I don't think it needs to be very different to what it is now

Separate Discord for clans
-1 I don't fully understand your idea and I think the forums is already a decent hub for anyone looking for a clan or looking for members

New Mod Role
-1 Leaders / Officers should definitely get roles to mute people in clan chat and stop any toxicity in /cc, but I don't think it needs its own rank

-1 If I was a Youtuber I wouldn't enjoy clan wars because arena 5v5 isn't very fun to watch imo. And if large YTers did start joining I feel like the new members to the clan community wouldn't be loyal to the clan they join and just seek to join the clan with their favourite YouTuber is in. Clan loyalty is a massive issue with Badlion Clans and is a factor that very few clans stay active

Just looking over and I see a lot of -1 from myself, its not really that I disagree with them but over the past 2 years I've seen so many threads on clans and the reality is clans aren't the most important part of the badlion community and it has been neglected for quite a while. Therefore I dont think we should be asking for a multitude of things that might be a bit better for clans and rather focus on the really important parts.
However Badlion are coming up with and creating an official Clan War system soon so lets just see what that does to the community and whether badlion try to change anything else with clans afterwards

There you go @JuztChicken


I expected a longer bible
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Koknia wrote

+1 with the concept. Not sure if i agree with all of your ideas, but I really think there should be a major update regarding clans :P
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Bluuiish wrote


^^ thats +1 right? Idk im bat at math so
Just +1

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