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Community UHC Elite Rounds, hosted by FpsDrqp
This tournament will take place on (Every Saturday), at (9AM)EST.
Tournament will be hosted on Badlion EU


1st Place: Lion+ 30 days
2ndPlace: Nothing
3rd Place: Nothing

Format for uhc:

The games are different gamemodes every time.

There will be 15 games untill we choose a winner.

Win: 3 points
Top KT: 2 points
1 kill: 1 point
Nothing: 0 points

You are allowed to record or stream.

No stream sniping.

If u don't follow the rules down below, u will get a warning but if u do it the second time then you will be removed from the tournament.

Please be respectfull in chat.

Don't X-Ray.

Don't use any disallowed
modifications like: Hacked Client, AutoClickers or Xray.

Follow the instructions that i will give everyone.

Cleaning not allowed at 100x100.

No portal trapping.

Please use one account for the game
not more.

No teaming.

And lastly Have Fun!

The final game is going to decide who wins the prize.

To enter the tournament, reply to this thread with your in-game name and join my discord:


Good luck to all and have fun.
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