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AU Build 3v3 Sign-ups
This is the sign-up thread for the the AU Build 3v3 tournament. This tournament will take place on Saturday, February 24th @11am AEDT. Sign-ups close on Friday, February 23rd @11:59pm AEDT.
Find out more information on the main Information Thread

To sign up, all you have to do is reply with a team name (no longer than 16 characters) and 3-4 Minecraft usernames. Please follow the format below.

Team name:
Player 1 (Captain):
Player 2:
Player 3:
Substitute 1:

- - -

By signing up, you agree to the rules outlined in the Information Post, as well as acknowledging that if you do not attend, you will be disqualified from this tournament and possibly future tournaments. You do NOT need to paste this statement in your signup post. Please note the person applying represents their teammates as well.
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Team name: :)
Player 1 (Captain): Bountisteen
Player 2: GO0fyG0Ober
Player 3: Rileys
Substitute 1:

Removed Sombah on his request - Ny_
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Team name: the mean green au dream team
Player 1 (Captain): Twisz
Player 2: LittleLevi
Player 3: gnty
Substitute 1: Intelligent
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Team name: Purge
Player 1 (Captain): Shxrpness
Player 2: Standed
Player 3: Endermatic
Substitute 1: PoisonShadows
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Team name: TrPower
Player 1 (Captain):Duo_Haptism
Player 2:Myqs
Player 3:AlphaReturn
Substitute 1:TekinPvP
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Team name: FrootLoops+Reach = Win
Player 1 (Captain): MJ4L
Player 2: DvamainxD
Player 3: Covetoustag4
Substitute 1: GoToTheGym
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Team name: .
Player 1 (Captain): Dinozaw
Player 2: Bluecrayyon
Player 3: Dan_L\
Substitute 1: lolitsvictor
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Team name: ez win lol
Player 1 (Captain): Meshuga
Player 2: slownerd
Player 3: yeahcurtis
Substitute 1: JammaWamma
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Team name: Jebachi
Player 1 (Captain): DaddyKeerqq
Player 2: PvPxLegend
Substitute 1: IndonesiaAlt
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Team name: Froggy Dabbers
Player 1 (Captain): Sharpify
Player 2: Mexos67
Player 3: Valler
Substitute 1: SkyFall
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Team name:300ms
Player 1 (Captain):HardPunch0_o
Player 2:Chanqed
Player 3:Dreamteh
Substitute 1:Senzoic
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Team name: RIPAU
Player 1 (Captain): StormyCreeper
Player 3: custaOW
Substitute 1: ync
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Team name: Panda
Player 1 (Captain): Kexck
Player 2: _iYoYo_
Player 3: iDesiring
Substitute 1: YouBlow
Substitute 2: Defrits
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Team name: best eu
Player 1 (Captain): Drained
Player 2: Ryhuko
Player 3: Drenin
Substitute 1: ThoseBlocks
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Team name: The Prank Patrol
Player 1 (Captain): Lao_
Player 2: McChickqn
Player 3: ync
Substitute 1: Frexxi
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Team Name: Victorious Secret
Player 1(Captain): Paddary
Player 2: CaptainSkyninja
Player 3: MangoSyrup
Substitute 1: knowledgeguy
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