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Badlion Client 2.0 Closed Beta - Every Bug Fixed So Far

Hey guys. We are working on a new patch notes system for the Badlion Client, but until this is done I felt we should share with the community all of the things that have been fixed since we started selling access to the closed beta 9 days ago and also fixed since closed beta began 3 weeks ago.

If you don't know what the Badlion Client 2.0 is, read more here:

If you are interested in getting involved in the closed beta earlier, you can purchase our limited edition beta cape to get early access here:

Make sure you follow us on Twitter for the latest information!

(Yes it actually glows in game)

Discord Integration

You can now show off that you are using the Badlion Client on Discord! So far we share whether you are using the Badlion Client, what Minecraft version you are running, and what server you are on (currently only Badlion due to design limitations).

We will be working later this month to incorporate more servers so that you can show off where you are playing, and more specifically what you are playing.

Server Switcher

You can now switch servers directly from the esc menu while playing Minecraft! This means you can join another server even faster now and not have to start all the way at the main menu again!

Favorite Mods

Very simple but awesome feature. As we continue to add mods to the client, you might not want to use all of them. You can now favorite which mods you want to show up at the start of your mod listing. This makes it easier to customize your experience on the Badlion Client when you are in the middle of a match.

Pixel Perfect Mods

We made this little Help guide for when you are editing the mods on the Badlion Client now. But even better, you can now move the mods using your arrow keys to get them into that perfect position you want so badly.


Based on the popular mod from 2Pi - we have added this into our client. This fixes an issue where sometimes the sky flickers in Minecraft for servers that place their maps/worlds very close to y = 0.

Block Overlay Mod

A new mod on the Badlion Client that gives the ability for users to change the outline color or the fill color of a block when looking at it. This mod is especially helpful for builders who might not be able to see the default black outline as easily when looking at a block.

Minecraft Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where crosshair mod did not scale with auto GUI well
  • Fixed an issue where you could not close anticheat warning pop ups in game
  • Fixed an issue where text fields would overflow on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a profile in game would also search the mods menu
  • Fixed an issue where toggle sneak/sprint did not always use the correct keys and did not function properly
  • Fixed some minimap graphics errors on certain machines
  • Fixed locale issue with Turkish users not being able to load the client
  • Fixed issue with scoreboard background colors not working properly
  • Fixed issue with the server listing sometimes freezing the client
  • Fixed scoreboard mod to be optifine compatible on 1.8
  • Fixed potion status colors not properly updating when changed
  • Fixed reset all mods button
  • Fixed reset mod button not putting mods back into default location
  • Fixed horizontal spacing on ArmorStatus mod
  • Fixed ToggleSneak problem when using ctrl key
  • Fixed shifting when you have potion effects on 1.8
  • Fixed slideout to always render on top of other features
  • Fixed BAC Auth issues for 1.8 servers
  • Fixed ArmorStatus optifine compatibility issue
  • A whole lot of other bug fixes that I can't be bothered to find/figure out…like at least another 50 from before store early access started.

  • Launcher Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Russian/Greek/Bulgarian and other languages crashing when trying to download/install java on their system (this bug has existed for over a year and it's finally fixed!)
  • Fixed an issue where optifine did not auto-install if your username had a space in it
  • Fixed an issue where optifine did not install at all (temporary due to above bug fix)
  • Fixed the Launch button to not freeze the client at all if Mojang servers are offline
  • Fixed an issue where Minecraft client would be stuck on a black screen or Mojang screen for certain users
  • Fixed an issue where the anticheat was being shut down too fast before it could complete your session
  • Fixed an issue where some old optifine information was being sent off that we don't need anymore and caused launching problems
  • Fixed some communication issues between Minecraft and Launcher
  • Fixed an issue where the anticheat could not authenticate itself and would kill Minecraft
  • Fixed some BAC Auth Errors to not fail immediately and have a better tolerance of network issues
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Badlion Client could not connect to a BAC server
  • Fixed an issue where non-default install locations for the Badlion Client did not work properly
  • Fixed other small undocumented bugs

  • Minecraft Tweaks

    Nicer Tooltip for BAC servers

    Looks much cleaner than our old tooltip :) We will see about making it even nicer down the road when we build an overall tooltip system.

    Nicer Coordinates Mod

    Based on community feedback, we have upgraded the coordinate mod to include biome and direction if you wish to use it. We are listening to what you guys are asking for and trying to make the features as fast as we can!

    Minimap Mod

  • Added option to change border color
  • Added compass directions (we are working to make this look nicer)

  • Hitbox Mod

  • Added fishing rods as a projectile hitbox

  • Saturation Mod

  • Added a plain number option for your saturation instead of just the food icons

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • Added some better logging for free RAM to determine when someone does not have enough memory to run the client
  • Added some better security to prevent hijacking of our files
  • Added a pop up in the launcher to let you know when the anticheat is still shutting down
  • Optimized number of connections being made from Badlion Client to our servers to reduce network load
  • Prepare launcher for optimized patching system which make patching faster when the server supports it
  • Changed default resolution from 480p to 720p for Minecraft

  • Support for BAC on other servers (we are testing our new implementation of BAC and will be giving out access to other servers soon. Contact us at servers [at] badlion [dot] net if you are interested [more info here]).
  • Better detection of your existing Minecraft installation (helps people who have an Administrator account)
  • Better Discord integration for other servers besides Badlion
  • More Betterframe options for higher FPS
  • 1.7 animations in the 1.8 client (some are live, some are not yet)
  • Ability to disable size scaling of mods when changing resolution

  • There are a lot of small things we are working to fix still. This section is just aimed at the really big problems such as game breaking stuff or game not launching.

  • Some users still are getting black screens or stuck on Mojang screen when launching Minecraft. We are awaiting better debug/logs from users who this problem here:
  • Issue with users who have Minecraft installed on a different user on their computer (work around it to set the directory manually for the Minecraft installation in the Badlion Client launcher settings)

  • There has been a LOT of work and effort put into the client over the past 6 months to reshape the product completely based on what the Minecraft community has requested. We thank you all for your feedback, your bug reports, and your continued patience as we continue to polish this product and fix things as they break. Seriously all of you guys are awesome and have helped us tremendously.
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    Awesome ! I love these new updates, and I can't wait for 1.7 Animations on 1.8 ! Good job, Guys !
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    can you fix the bug where my snapchat say: error suchspeed has block you

    ok thank
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    Can you make it so you can toggle the beta cape on / off if some of us want to use their minecon capes >_>
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    Looks great!
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    GG guys :D
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    good job!
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    Badlion Client 2.0 Bedavaya Nasıl Alabilirim
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    So much potential with this client and I hope we reach it. Insane work from the devs :)
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    Nice! Good job.
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    Nice! Good job.
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    Good job!
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    The client is awesome!
    However, I must remind you that there is still this graphics bug with my minecon cape.
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