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Azul Clan Application [ENG]

First of all, Hello! If you want to join our clan, fill out the application below!

IGN (In Game Name) :
Discord Name (Azul#????):
ArenaPvP ELO:
Other ELO:

What to choose (At least three of them);
ArenaPvP ELO
BuildUHC 1600+
NoDebuff 1500+
SG 1500+

Other ELO
SG 1700+
UHC Meetup 1700+
PM Link
Good luck!
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Thanks but clan is closed
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IGN (In Game Name) : dxhyi
Discord Name (Azul#????): dohy#2986
Age: 15
ArenaPvP ELO: BuildUHC : 1715
Other ELO: I dont play BL so often.
PM Link
PM Link