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Strqfe_'s AMA

Slypering wrote

What's your goals for the future after you finish school? I don't know yet. Hopefully getting a job that I actually enjoy

Would you ever consider working for Badlion again if it came out in Open? Probably not, maybe

What's your opinion about the closure? Do you think it should or shouldn't close? I was expecting it, and I get why

Favorite Singer? Bazzi probs

Opinion? c: You're a great friend of mine and I'm super happy I got to know you, you have helped me a lot which I really appreciate, and I'm certain we will keep in touch. I wish you got promoted to Manager cause, in my opinion, you truly do deserve it.
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wpc wrote

Favorite ice cream? Chocolate

Opinion? You're a staff member that I really look up to, you've done a great job and I wish we got to talk more
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Zaquez wrote

opinion Honestly don't know you too well - I've known about you since MCSG times and we started talking more recently. You seem like a chill dude and I wish you the best of luck in the future
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RickoYT wrote

Opinion? You were my first ever trial and I was super nervous when I first messaged you, we had some tough times during your trial phase but you got promoted and I couldn't be more proud. Although we didn't really talk much after you got promoted I'm certain we will keep in touch and say hi every now and then.
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