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Favorite moment as staff?

I'd say my favorite moment as staff was achieving Senior and being able to do more stuff compared to a Moderator e.g. being able to do IP Checks, help out other Mods, and help with assistance under the Department of Minigames for @Irish_99 when I was working with her and now working with @LukeWilliams10 under his department for both Arena + Minigames.

Least favorite moment as staff?

I'd say the decline of the server overall and not having nothing to do since we lost players which means loss of interest in doing Senior for Badlion.

Favorite appeal(s)?

Favorite quote?

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."

Religious/Beliefs? (Don't have to answer)

I don't know what to answer on this one.

Origin of username?

Not too sure what you mean on this one.


You're one of my closest best mates ever. You're a really funny and genuine friend to me and you're very chill and nice about stuff with talk about. You worked very hard when you were staff and I generally wanted to see you as a Senior since you were a great Moderator+. I'm still glad were talking and I hope we can continue to talk in the future and do stuff together eventually :).
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You sound like a funny and kind person. I haven't really spoken to you much but you sound like you want to do your job well and do everything to the standard you want too as you have been given. And you are good Moderator and do everything required to make sure that you make the most out of your position.
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You were one of my good friends as you were a funny and genuine person, however, we haven't really spoken at all lately which is a shame cause we used to talk frequently when you were staff but then all of it stopped. But from you working on the staff team and from us speaking, you sound like a friendly and ambitious person.
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I can't give you a full opinion since I don't know you well or because I haven't spoken to you, but judging from you as a person, I can say that you are a very helpful and genuine person. You put real help into the network and help the staff team by reporting rule breakers and making sure that people are punished for their own actions. Overall, you sound like a sound person and I think you do everything you can to help others out.
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LukeWilliams10 wrote

What are 3 countries you'd love to visit?

I'd say Australia, Tenerife, and possibly Paris.

What career do you hope to pursue in the future? Is there any particular reason why you chose it?

Network Engineer/Administrator or basically any IT/ICT Positions. - IT/ICT is interesting to learn about since it's learning about different technology and because I have always been keenly interested in working with different technology devices and information.

Any political leanings? Any favourite politicians?

Nope and Nope. I'm not really interested in politics because the majority of them give false information about how our country should be run or how we should do stuff. In addition, it's not in my area of interest really :P.

Is it better to love and lose, or to never love at all?

I'd say Love and lose; you will never lose anything until you try it out so I'd rather try and love and then see where things pick up from afterward otherwise if you never love then you are loosing out on what you are experimenting.

What does the ultimate dystopian society look like in your mind?

The what? (Pls PM me on Discord about this xD).

Who in life do you look up to?

I look up to family and friends since they are close to you and you can trust them with anything with what you tell them and because, they're the ones who you become in a friendship with and do stuff with in the future.

Your are the Emperor of Rome, when the empire was at its peak. You have an empire and the greatest army in the world at your disposal. What would you do with your power?

I'd say build my Power up and keep it for safe and emergency use only. I would want to make sure that the Power I have will remain with me and that it won't go with someone else.

Favourite emoji?


Is a politically stable, but opressive Government better than an unstable one but one which gives lots of freedom to it's people.

Being honest, I wouldn't want an oppressive government because then people may disagree with how it operates the country or how it operates the whole of the government regardless whether it's stable or not. Imo, I'd rather have an unstable and non-oppressive government compared the other way around because having it the other way will mean that people may want to emigrate or move to another country.

Is it sometimes necessary to talk and work with tyrants to get a better result long term, or should we not associate with them at all

If it was improving stuff long term, I'd rather work with them and get along with them so that things can be improved. Otherwise, if you don't, things may not go well and there may be weaknesses overtime which can disrupt the results.

If you could increase spending for one area in your country, what would it be?

I'd say put it towards healthcare and helping out poor/homeless people to make society a better place.

The worst advice anyone has ever gave you?

I'd say not listening to family and friends and just focussing on the one person. I did that once and I ignored what others said and it ended badly and the one person I was very close too ended up blocking me and removing me and such so pretty much always listen to family/friends and what they tell you and don't just block them out for one person only.


Well, where do I start Luke, You're honestly one of the best admins I’ve ever met during my time here at Badlion. We share so many fun memories of me talking to you when you were a Senior and then officially months later you being Manager. You were honestly one of the best managers ever I’ve had throughout my time here at Badlion compared to others. Not just the best, but the GOD of all. You're so nice, very caring, valued, passionate and confident and strong, there is much more stuff you are in a good way but these are the best examples of what type of person you are. You're very ambitious, and you're very talkative in a good way. I’m glad that you got head of ArenaPvP and you got to be a manager cause you honestly deserved it all. And I wanna thank you for all the work you put into me and the other staff members in making sure that they did their jobs. You're one of my very close friends overall and I’m glad that we’re such best mates. I know it's a shame that Badlion is closing because I loved working under you, but from being an Admin, I hope that you progress into whatever you want to do in the future and become successful. Thank you Luke <3 :D.
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