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Idea Dump - Badlion Client
Hey all,

Here are some of my suggestions for the Badlion Client

Add Youtuber's cloaks to the store, rather than just servers:

Pretty sure that SuchSpeed used his position on the client to upload a custom cape for himself, which is something that many of his fans would be willing to buy. While there would have to be a contract worked out between the Youtuber/Client for who gets what portion of the revenue, it would be a feature that would attract more Youtuber's to record with the client and advocating for other people to use the client.

New Client Monetization Options
I'm sure this is a process that is already in the works, but adding new cosmetics for the client would be awesome. I'm sure that with the client in Beta, the revenue from buying Cloaks has dropped significantly. Therefore, add more cosmetics to keep people interested. Beyond cosmetics, there are some other things that can be done to generate revenue. Here is a brief list that should generate some excitement within the community:

Hats: Crowns, "L's" above people's heads (LOL), baseball team hats?
Trail Particles: Usually implemented server-side, I feel like the possibilities for making these better would be increased if we were to do it client-side.
Badlion Client Resource Packs: Certain resource packs that have been optimized to look really well with the Client and have to be bought on the store for like a dollar. Similiar to the Bedrock Marketplace on the lesser version of Minecraft.
Host a BAC supported Minecraft server directly from the Badlion website: The option to host community UHC's had to already be a good step along this path, but Minecraft server hosting has always been a profitable industry within itself, and I feel like Badlion has a feature nobody else could offer.

Badlion Premium: A monthly subscription that gives users to a BAC only league built in through the client and access to an exclusive discord server with staff members where they can make all of the suggestions they want. Name subject to change. Users that do not pay the fee are allowed up to 5 games a day. The "seasons" would last a month each, with a small prize at the end for the winner. While this has been tried before, I feel like there is more of a reason for people to use it now with all of the Cheatbreaker rumors running around the community, and the fact that there is only one(?) other place in the entire server scene where you can potentially be competing in a hacker free setting.

If you have a different idea for Monetization/Cosmetics, don't keep it to yourself!

Website Improvements
Improving the main Badlion website would go a pretty far step to making the client more popular. Perhaps the default page could be the subdomain, with a button that links players back the forums/old site subdomain. The current layout feels split between the two. In the future, I'd recommend completely phasing out the rest of this old site and renaming this part to

Create some sort of Community Ambassador role
Why does everyone in the PvP community hate Mojang? Because they have never made a substantial update that benefitted our community, and until recently, hardly ever listened to our complaints and feedback. Let's make sure we don't make the same mistake. Even if the team is completely arbitrary and no good ideas come out of it, the existence of the team itself would give the impression that we are considering community feedback… which is something we should be doing.

Minecraft Radio Inside of the Client
While this idea is somewhat based off of Cheatbreaker's integrated radio, it goes one step beyond their version. Rather than using any service to embed a radio into the Client… let's make one for Badlion specifically. The advertisements on the radio would be payed for by other members of the community (networks, groups, guilds, youtubers) and coulod be hosted by popular people in the Minecraft community. I'd also make a web-based version of this via one of these services:
^More of a long-term project, but would probably be successful if created correctly.

Integrate Badlion website based clans into the client:
Essentially, you and your team have a private text chat inside of the client, and they automatically have a way-point over their name in-game, which would be configurable via the server API. There are probably better ways to do this even still, but it would be a good way to make use of the former Badlion Clan system on the website.

Make the banlist private.

Servers who want to use the advantages of the Badlion Client should apply for BAC support. In the future, hopefully a lighter-weight version of the BAC systems could be condensed into one plugin for smaller servers to use, but this is a perfect way for servers to completely circumvent ever using the Client.

While I have no idea if any of these ideas have been discussed already, and I don't have the statistics to say that any of these would improve the client's popularity, I can say that there are many QOL updates that could be made to the Project as a whole to meet the goal of the Client more efficiently. IF you have any suggestions/comments/concerns, please feel free to reply below.

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