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Daily Rewards System
Howdy, it's your boy Blue back here with another idea that I wish I had included in the last thread, but after thinking it through, I decided to make it its own discussion. At this point, over half a million people have downloaded the client. Last time I checked, there were only 2,000 people playing. This means less than a percent of users who have downloaded the client are using it at any one time. Many people just download it to their computer and never open it again because there are no BLC-exclusive servers they must use it on like MineHQ to play.

Therefore, I wanted to make a proposal for a daily reward system that gives users special cosmetic items, in return for using the client enough. There are many ways to do this, but here is what I think would be best:

If users launch/use the client for over 30 minutes on any given day, they are awarded 50(x) "Badlion Experience". The amount of Badlion experience they have allows them to unlock special capes that correspond to their level. For example, level 10 would unlock a cape with the Roman numeral 'X' on the back (that does not light up!) up the same way the Beta cape does. For people that have purchased capes, their level is shown in the lower right corner of whatever premium cape they've purchased. Once users hit level 50(x), they have the ability to choose one premium cape for free via the shop.

Level: 1 - 250 (5 days)
Level: 2 - 500 (10 days)
Level: 3 - 750 (15 days)
Level: 4 - 1000 (20 days)
Add 250 (5 days) to every level from here.

Note: They do not get penalized for not launching the client every single day.

There are many different ways to go with a daily rewards system, this was just my suggestion. If you have a different way that might be better, please let me know. Currently, however, we clearly aren't doing enough to not be forgotten on player's computers.
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1 coins for 1 minute and capes for:
1 - 4000
2 - 6000
3 - 10000
4 - 15000
5 - one cape from shop.
Unleveled system.
Good idea? xd
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