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BLC Suggestions
I hopped on and had a look at the Badlion client 2.1, here are a few suggestions I have for the client.

1) On the main menu there is no noise played when u hover over a button, not too annoying but just throws u off. To fix it would just be simply playing the hover sound in default minecraft

2) I know the chat is new and is still being worked on but for those who prefer regular chat, there should be an option for them

Other than that the client is looking great! Kinda sad how much good work is being put into a dying and toxic community :(
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1. Agreed, but I personally don't care if this is a thing or not.

2. Already exists.
1) Press RSHIFT(or click Badlion Client Settings when pressing ESC)
2) Go to Betterframes
3) Disable "new chat". This'll revert the chat back to the default one.
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