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Badlion Client Ban Policy Update

This is a quick informative post that we are making a few improvements to how we detect cheats on the Badlion Client and as a result. Depending on the type of cheat you are running, you might get banned for running it while on a BAC server, or you might only get banned if you are using the cheat while on a BAC server. Due to the improvements made recently to BAC, we are able to now better detect if someone is actively using a cheat while playing on a BAC server.

As a result of the changes, we are unbanning some users who were banned for running cheats while on a BAC server, but never actually used the cheats while playing on that BAC server.

As a reminder to everyone, if you don't want to deal with the possibility of being banned by BAC in the first place, don't cheat! 100% effective against BAC bans.

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