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Badlion Security Access
Just wondering if anybody knew how to permanently give the client administrator access so you wouldn't have to press the 'yes I allow it to make changes to my computer' option every time you open it. Thanks!
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You can do this only with some tricks.

  1. Search for Task Scheduler with search icon in your windows bar
  2. In the task scheduler left-click Task Scheduler Library on the left, then right-click it and choose New Folder
  3. Name it like you want, but without spaces at best. I chose
  4. bac as folder name.
  5. Right-click the new folder and choose create task, in the popup enter a short name without spaces like bacnouac and description like you want
  6. Tick the checkbox Run with highest privilegs
  7. Go to the actions tab, create a new action. The action type should be Start a program. Now click on browse to choose the Badlion Client.exe file, for default install locations it is "C:\Program Files\Badlion Client\Badlion Client.exe" (THIS ONE WITH quotes " at start and end) into the path (Program/Script text field)
  8. Fill "Start in" text box with the full folder without quotes so for the standard installation location it would be C:\Program Files\Badlion Client
  9. Press ok to go back to the big create task window and go to the settings tab. Make sure Allow task to be run on demand is ticked.
  10. Remove ticks at Stop task if it runs longer than and If the running task does not end when requested, force it to stop
  11. Press ok
  12. On desktop, right click and select New -> Shortcut
  13. As path enter schtasks /run /TN "bac\bacnouac" or if you chose another task and/or folder name, replace bacnouac with your task name and bac with your folder name.
  14. Click next and choose a name for the shortcut, make sure to initially use a different name than any of your existing shortcuts.
  15. Click "finish" or how its named in english. Then right-click the new shortcut and to open its properties. Here you can change the symbol/icon of the shortcut, so click on other symbol
  16. Press ok on the info that schtasks doesn't contain icons, then you get a list of symbols/icons. Press on search and find Badlion Client.exe again to use its symbol.

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This likely only works if you don't need to enter a password when badlion client is asking for admin - otherwise you can specify which users power should run the task and you need to enter its password for the option but i'm nor sure whether the task starting is then possible.
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