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Badlion Client 2.3 - Big Things To Come

Hello there. Today I am happy to share our latest work on the Badlion Client. There are a few improvements that we have managed to get into Badlion Client 2.3. We are hard at work on some larger objectives for the client which we hope to reveal some information about soon for Badlion Client 2.4 (scheduled for release in mid-December).

Let's dive into the patch notes!

New Flame Wings

Our first new pair of wings in 3 months is the Flame Wings! We spent a lot of time to try and make these feel as smooth and as nice as possible. If you want to help support the Badlion Client development while looking cool at the same time, check out our store:

Perspective Mod

A huge request from the community has been the ability to rotate around your player in F5 mode to show off your entire body (and some of those awesome Wings too). We have added this mod into the Badlion Client which can be accessed by using the mod slideout menu. A quick demo is available below.

Scoreboard (Sidebar) Mod is Back!

You can resize and move your Scoreboard at long last! This is something that existed with Badlion Client 1.2 but got lost somewhere in the journey to Badlion Client 2.0. We have gone ahead and dug out our old code and brought it back to life in this update. You can now shove the Scoreboard (or Sidebar) wherever and however you want in the Badlion Client.

Damage Reduction Information

A popular feature from the Forge mod Vanilla Enhancements has been ported to the Badlion Client. Simply open up your inventory and check out the bottom right corner to see how much damage reduction your current armor and enchants are providing. You can customize this feature in the Betterframes menu.

한국어 지원

That is about all I trust Google Translate with. We have added support into the Badlion Client for the Korean language to be used in 1.7 and 1.8 for chat! This is something that was fixed in Minecraft 1.9, which we have backported as per requested by the community. Please note that the Korean chat only works currently for the Old Chat (Slideout -> Betteframes -> New Chat Off). We will be porting this to the New Chat system soon after we have some other features for the New Chat completed.

BAC Support Available on Lilypad

We have rolled out a new option for BAC servers today on another proxy software for Minecraft called LilyPad. You can learn more about Lilypad at A shout out to coelho for helping us to make this possible.

The Archon ( will be the first server to use our new Lilypad integration for BAC.

Other small new feature(s)

  • Added Soup as an option for the ItemCounter Mod

  • Launcher Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the alt switcher would set access token to null and prevent server joining
  • Fixed a few issues with birthday settings in Badlion Client
  • Fixed one possible "Data Corrupted" issue…still investigating more
  • Fixed an issue where the store menu in game would not display images properly.

  • Minecraft Fixes

  • [All] Fixed menu slideout options to save in config properly
  • [All] Fixed an issue where you could open chat while you have inventory open
  • [All] Fixed weird blurred part of drop down menus
  • [All] Fixed ability to close mod options if mod is force disabled by a server
  • [All] Fixed issue where you could accidentally bind <ESC> to a Badlion Client key bind
  • [1.7] Fixed several issues where mods or menus would randomly become white
  • [1.7] Fixed FPS/CPS mods to work with fancy font
  • [1.8] Fixed some issues with rendering of certain elements due to scroll bars.
  • [1.12] Fixed Fullbright mod (never worked)
  • [All] Fixed misc crashes with the Badlion Client

  • Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where new Badlion accounts were not having their usernames automatically updated

  • Added Badlion Client watermark to missing inventories (chest, potion, etc).
  • Added Debug mode to the Badlion Client Launcher for more verbose logs
  • Changed where crash reports are located to prevent invalid reports from being submitted to us

  • Further Menu Improvements

    We are hard at work to polish up the appearance of several parts of the Badlion Client. The first iteration was cleaning up the original mod menu system which was built on some legacy software that we no longer use inside of the client anywhere.

    The next step for us is to continue to improve menus like the Chat & Friends features. We want to make the client really feel native to all users. One of the changes we are working towards is taking advantage of people's monitor sizes. This was something we overlooked when implementing the new chat system for small monitors.

    Future Minecraft Version Support

    We are working to improve how we program our features for the Minecraft client to better handle updates in the future. Right now things are kind of a mess internally with how we support 1.7/1.8/1.12 and after doing this for 6 months or so we have a really good idea how to support all versions of Minecraft (in theory) over time. We are spending some of our time re-coding a few things in our client to make this easier for us. You won't notice a difference as a user, but it was worth mentioning here.

    Autotip + Levelhead Support

    We are planning on adding support for both Autotip and Levelhead in the next iteration of the Badlion Client. These mods are a must have for any Hypixel players. Autotip will help you to ensure the maximum amount of coins while playing on Hypixel, while Levelhead will share useful information about your opponents in game.

    Please keep in mind, just like any Badlion Client mod, these will be custom programmed by our team. Therefore there might be some small tweaks to the design of the mods or changes to how the backend works.

  • Not enough sexy features in the Badlion Client yet.

  • We are really looking forward to Badlion Client 2.4 where you can see some much bigger changes coming to the interface of the Badlion Client. We have been working hard the past 6 weeks to set the ground work for easier and smoother updates in the future.

    If you made it this far in the patch notes, then take a moment to share how awesome this client is with a friend. Our user counter is our biggest motivation behind this project :) More motivation means better and faster features.

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    Yay! Thank You for another great update!
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    great things, I've been waiting for that update for a long time but here it is finally!
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    Great updates!
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    Finally Perspective mod !
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    Add The Subs Counters Mod
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    add the quick play mod pls to the next badlion client update
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    Theres sth. that i want u guys to add in 2.4:

    1.InputFix for 1.7-1.8
    [You cant enter Chinese with out this mod in 1.7-1.8]
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    Niceee :)
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    The only ever version of minecraft that I suffer lock ups on, not very useful if I lose every fight because of that.
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    Nice job!
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    I was recommended that I should use Badlion Client from a friend so today I tried to install it but a pop-up from Windows Update Standalone Installer comes up and says, "Searching for updates on this computer…" But then it never fully installs it just stays "installing" Please help anyone!

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    Why did not cosmetics have wings?
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