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BLC For FACTIONS? : Mods and Aesthetics suggestions
Hi so a factions server I have played for the past 5 years have recently been saying the next reset of the map will require all users to be using Badlion Client to play the server. This is to reduce the cheater problem which is pretty big in factions.

I love the idea however for me currently Badlion client is not in a usable condition for competitive factions servers, this is due to the limits on mods such as:

World download ( required to world download bases therefore when raiding the base you can aim for spawners or to see if the base is even worth raiding.)

Map Writer mod: This has been used by the factions community for years it logs your mini map movements and logs to a bigger minimap that you can see, this is much better than badlions current mini map and this map also does not allow use of player tracking/entities so its not possible for the mod to be illegal anywhere. Mod showcase seen here:

Border/chunks mod: This simply allows the user to toggle on /off a mod which shows what chunk you are inside:

Finally I just want to comment on how poor some of the badlion mods are, I have had issues with how poorly the mods are scaled as they look blury in comparison to the original mods e.g classic direction hud looks blury.In addition the armour status mod looks very poor, you cant remove the enchant background, you also cant add background on toggle sneak. Finally coords mod is poor and has blackspace meaning you can only have it located in the top left corner:

Overall look how poor badlion client looks compared to forge mods you can use:

Forge 1.8.9:

I suggest Gberry or badlion staff watch this video and hopefully mods will be added to suit factions and not be as poorly optimised.

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Also was wondering if badlion had a discord where I could report bugs in voice and talk to staff rather than having to write and type in bug reports :P
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I'm going to back all of this up, I mainly play factions and I know how important that these mods are to the factions community… They're a must have.
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