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[CRITICAL] 1.14.4 completely broken
•Sounds - custom pack, can hear footsteps. - vanilla pack, literally no sounds, only clicks in menu.

•Block overlay
Everything works besides the thickness for the outline.

•Cosmetics (dragon wings)
Wings move too quickly. There's a lot of z fighting but only when holding an item.

•Crouching makes capes and cosmetics completely disappear.

•360 Perspective has inverted vertical mouse.
It doesn't happen on 1.8.9 there's no option for it.

•New chat - unable to hover over achievements.

•Schematica - ??? - also sends out two OpenGL errors every few seconds.

•Leaving a server gives you a "Quitting" kick message.

•Optifine's CIT doesn't work.
This bug has already been reported. Nothing has been done.

Using a custom resource pack, I made any diamond pickaxe with silk touch appear green. It does not work on BLC. - BLC - Optifine 1.14 on its own
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^ @MasterGberry
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@ginie1 can you review what we already have tickets for and make tickets for the things not fixed?

Also thanks for the super detailed post about this :) The videos help a lot.

We will be trying to clean up what we can before 2.9 goes out.
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✔ This Thread has been resolved.

🔒 Locked

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Alright will take a look at it in a bit. thank you for your bug report.
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Thread is locked