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Sony Vegas Pro 15 Troubles
Hey guys,

I'm currently having trouble with my Sony Vegas. I know what's causing it but I don't know how to fix it. Let me explain. When I record videos using OBS on the ''Quick Sync H x264'' encoder and use that clip in Sony Vegas Pro 15, it shows off as a distortion sort of thing in the video. When I used Shotcut though (another editing software) it was completely fine but I prefer using Sony Vegas Pro 15. If you guys are able to respond to this thread, that would be great thanks! :D

- Cakadyboi

*The image above shows what I am talking about*
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Have you tried changing your OBS Encoder to 'NVENC H.264' ?

Could you possibly describe in more detail what you mean by "distortion" it could
very well be that your Render Settings are too high or are not setup correctly, I had
a similar issue when recording Fortnite, it would be chunky and shake and not be smooth
but the recording was fine, The issue was the Render.

And looking at the screenshot, AFTER you render the video does the video still have that weird overlay color bug?

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Well you see, I don't have NVENC H.264 encoder. My PC specs are Intel core i5 and Radeon Graphics card (all I know of my pc off by heart). I don't really know how to describe it, all I know is that when I put the video file to Sony Vegas Pro 15, it comes up like that. If it's because of the render settings then what do you recommend that I should change it to? When I used shotcut to edit the clip it was perfectly fine, like no problems had come up. It's all just really confusing. At this point I'm sorta hoping that Vegas Pro fixes this problem in the future versions. (sorry for late reply)
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