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When does Badlion Client look for cheats.
I am a server-developer and work a lot with custom server softwares and protocol stuff and sometimes tests and developes serverside anticheats.
My Question is if Badlion-Client will detect and punish me for having modified clients on my computer?

I understand that i can't run modified versions using Badlion-Client but i was wondering if i would get a Badlion-Ban on my favorite servers for using normal hacked clients on my localhost.

Please don't blame me because i've asked a question which was probably asked 100 times already i couldn't find anything in the forums and i'm not really into Minecraft PVP.

Thanks in advance.
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You will only get banned, if you try to to inject something into the running process of the Badlion Client. As far as i know, you wont get banned for having cheats on you pc.
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Badlion Client is watching for active cheats in the badlion client when connected to a BAC-protected server.
Badlion client does nof care if you have wurst open or not.
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