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Badlion Client 2.11 - Happy Holidays

Hello everyone. Holy cow did the 2019 year fly by. Here I am writing the last patch notes for Badlion Client in 2019 already. Badlion Client 2.11 is here. We've had a fantastic year thanks to all of you, and I couldn't be happier with what we accomplished this year. Really from the bottom of my heart I want to thank every single one of you who uses our client in your daily lives. It's so awesome to think that something we have built here has been used by so many people. I was so happy and basically cried the first time I saw a Badlion Client icon sitting on my PC 3 years ago when we were first testing Badlion Client 1.0. It was just so awesome to see that logo installed on my desktop, it really meant a lot to me back then, and it still does today.

Anyways enough of my walking down memory lane. We are here and now, and 2019 is almost over, so without further ado, let's hop into the last patch notes for this year.

Minecraft 1.15/1.15.1 Support

We made a promise earlier this year, that we were going to support Minecraft releases on day 1 of each release going forward. I am excited to share that we held to this promise (we almost didn't make it haha). We have upgraded to Minecraft 1.15 support and you can enjoy playing Minecraft 1.15 with all of your favorite Badlion Client features such as our 45+ mods, FPS boosting tech, client anticheat, and more!

We will continue to update to the minor versions of Minecraft 1.15 as they continue to come out. Once a final 1.15 version comes out we will look into dropping the "older" versions of Minecraft 1.15 when they are being used a lot less on BLC.

macOS Support is now Free

First and foremost, thanks to all of the beta testers in the last month for the macOS Badlion Client beta. All of your testing has been super helpful and we are glad to have fixed most of the known issues with macOS and Badlion Client compatibility. We are excited to share today that Badlion Client is now out of closed beta and is now free to access for all Minecraft players on macOS!

Share the download link with your friends today and let's welcome all of the new macOS players to the largest Minecraft community client there is:

Weapon Cosmetics

Damn look at those cool weapons above (all puns intended)! We have been working on a new system over the last month or two to bring high definition and bad ass (excuse my language) weapons onto Minecraft Java Edition in Badlion Client. Today I'm ecstatic to share that this new system is available for purchase on our shop!

What do these weapons do exactly? They actually go and replace your swords or bows in game as you can see in the screenshots below:

These swords each have 5 textures depending on whether you are holding a stone, wood, iron, gold, or diamond sword. The bow shoots actual ice arrows instead of your standard arrow in Minecraft. They are completely built into the game and are even compatible with enchant glint and the animations mod!

If you are interested in trying them out yourself, buy one on our shop here: Support

We have heard loud and clear from the start of Badlion Client 2 that people want an easier way to find new packs. We had a system a long time ago for this…but it was very inefficient and difficult to manage. We are happy to announce today that we have added support for the popular website! A special shout out and thank you to them as well who have worked with us on the side for months now to design and build a new API that we could easily integrate into the Badlion Client.

With this new awesome feature you can go ahead and find the latest and most popular resource packs directly in the Badlion Client! We have built many of the popular filters and options you would normally find on the site directly in Badlion Client. Check out some of the screenshots below and start expanding your resource pack libraries today!

Global Mod Profiles

We have come a long way in the last 1.5 years with Badlion Client 2. We originally started with only support for 1.7 and 1.8, and later added support for 1.12, 1.14, and now 1.15. One of the clear objectives for Badlion Client has always been to make a seamless experience between Minecraft versions with all of your favorite mods working out of the box. That's why in Badlion Client 2.11 we have finally merged all of your mod profiles together into one global mod profile system!

Starting today your Minecraft profiles now work across all versions! This means when you decide to pick up 1.15 for the first time as an avid Minecraft 1.8 player, you will jump straight into the same BLC experience with all of your mods being exactly where you expect them to be. We hope everyone is excited about this new feature as much as we are.

Inventory Blur (Motion Blur Mod)

Want to make it so the main Minecraft game in the background is less focused when you are opening an inventory? Not a problem! Today we are releasing an addition to the Motion Blur Mod to make it so Minecraft is blurred out when you have an inventory open! Check out the screenshot of this new feature below:

Hide Tall Grass and Flowers

You can now boost your FPS a small amount and make your game less cluttered by hiding the texture of tall grass and flowers form your game! Check out the before and after images below:

ArmorStatus Simple Mode

A long time ago, in a Badlion Client far far away, ArmorStatus used to be a single piece. At some point we had requests to make it possible to move individual pieces around…boy was that a mistake to add. It was a lot of work to go backwards, but we have finally done it! Introducing the new simple mode on ArmorStatus! It's all one piece now, so you can finally keep all of your armor status pieces together again easily.

Crosshair 2.0

One of the oldest mods from Badlion Client has been given an upgrade in 2.11! We are excited to share that many of the long time requests for the crosshair mod have finally been answered. Below you can find the full list of changes:

  • New shapes added! Now you can have squares, exes, and dots crosshair shapes!
  • More flexibility with crosshair outline thickness.
  • Independent scaling of crosshair now instead of using Minecraft scaling option. More control, more pixel perfect magic.
  • More color options to make it possible to create more vanilla styled crosshairs.

  • SkyblockAddons: Zealot Counter

    We have gone ahead and added the Zealot counter for the SkyblockAddons mod due to popular demand. We managed to squeeze this small update in with BLC 2.11 before the holiday season.

    Launcher Fixes

  • [macOS] Fixed an issue where you could run the client from a temporary VM drive instead of forcing installation
  • [Win] Fixed more "BAC Is Inactive" errors for BAC enabled servers
  • [All] Fixed an issue which could cause a mix of native library files to appear in the Badlion Client versions folder and cause all sorts of weird problems/crashes
  • [All] Improved Java Download system to properly mark/warn you when Java installation failed and ask you to restart launcher
  • [All] Fixed an issue with jar patching which would sometimes in very rare unlucky cases (which we unfortunately had a few weeks ago) cause the launcher to crash
  • [All] Fixed potential corrupted Java files when installing a fresh Java Installation
  • [All] Lowered down number of retries to determine if a server is BAC enabled or not to make the server listing faster to load if our backend systems go down
  • [All] Fixed an issue where Java installations were not being considered valid
  • [All] Fixed an issue where we were not updating/fixing bad asset files in the .minecraft directory, we now check this for you to ensure nothing is corrupt when launching the game

  • Minecraft Fixes

    2.11.1 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed Crystal Wings while using an emote
  • [All] Fixed custom arrows to be disabled if the graphics option has been disabled for weapon cosmetics

  • 2.11.0 Fixes

  • [1.14/1.15] Fixed Sprays to work properly
  • [All] Show Item Cooldown not working for - Skyblock Addons
  • [All] Only mine ores in the deep caverns is not working properly - Skyblock Addons
  • [All] Reforges/enchants search feature not working - Skyblock Addons
  • [All] Fixed Profiles could be opened with bow even if the option is enabled - Skyblock Addons
  • [All] Locked items not working correctly - Skyblock Addons
  • [All] Coordinates mod resizing randomly when changing screen resolution
  • [All] Bug with ArmorStatus colapsing randomly is fixed
  • [All] Some bugs with keybinds were fixed
  • [All] Multiple Crash reports fixed.

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • [All] Disabled a performance improvement for faster launch times to prevent BLC from destroying your SSD/HDD on boot…should be much faster to turn on the launcher now. Will investigate adding this back when some other cleanups are done in the start of 2020 to make jar files smaller overall.
  • [All] Removed outdated local MC version listing system in favor of fetching latest available versions from servers. This means if you don't have internet connection BLC will no longer launch properly.
  • [All] Lowered a bit of log spam

  • Minecraft Tweaks

  • Removed the restriction preventing users from binding other keys to their attack/interact keybinds. This is important for our friends with macOS.

  • Before we talk about the upcoming stuff for 2020, I feel it's worth mentioning very quickly that these announcements below are always our intention when we start the next version of Minecraft. Things don't always go to plan, and sometimes things pop up or our priorities change in our 6 week release cycles because the NEXT BIG THING comes out and there is more demand to support this than the original stuff we planned. Minecraft 1.15 was this NEXT BIG THING this time around, and it took a good 2-3 weeks with most of our dev team focused on it to update and release on day 1.

    With this in mind, I unfortunately have to share some of the features we had planned for BLC 2.11 didn't quite get finished in time. Rather than release half baked features, we would rather delay them a bit longer and make sure they are living up to their 100% potential on release. We plan on releasing these delayed features near the start of 2020 still.

    Mod Profile Manager

    As we continue to move forward and offer more customization options in Badlion Client, we want to revisit one of the earliest parts of the project and overhaul it, the Mod Profiles. Right now you have a very basic system which just allows you to make multiple profiles and change the name. We plan on improving the UI of this module, but we also want to add new features! Some of the new features we are planning on adding are:

  • Adding images/icons to your mod profiles
  • New pagination system for mod profiles
  • Ability to browse and download other user's mod profiles
  • Find your profiles easier with a search bar
  • Set global defaults for Graphics Mode And Text Mode mods (explained below)
  • [Insiders] Ability to upload mod profiles to share with other users

  • We feel like this set of changes will bring the Badlion Client 2 Mod Profile system up to our standards of a fully fledged module in the Badlion Client. We hope you guys are excited, as this new mod profile system will be appearing in BLC 2.12 or BLC 2.13.

    Mod Improvements

    We have plans to clean up and improve almost every single mod in the Badlion Client over the next 2 patches. We plan on offering multiple versions of almost all of the mods including "Text Mode" and "Graphics Mode" if possible. I'll briefly explain what these terms mean:

    Graphics Mode - Basically every mod existing in the client is a "Graphics Mode" mod. It has a background color, some text, a border, padding, etc.
    Text Mode - A very minimal text version of the mod with little to no padding, no background colors, similar to the F3 screen.

    We know there are users who don't like the bigger mods we currently have, and this is why we will be introducing Text Mode as an option in 2.12 or BLC 2.13.

    GUI Editor

    Most of the GUI Editor improvements have been released with BLC 2.10. The only one that did not quite make the cut was the resizing multiple mods together. We built a really cool system to allow you to lock mods and resize them together, but we couldn't work out all of the issues before release of BLC 2.10, so we pulled it out for now. We will release this in BLC 2.12 or BLC 2.13 instead along with the other planned Mod related improvements.

    Insider Improvements

    We had several Insider features planned for 2.11….and unfortunately we just didn't have time to get them because of Minecraft 1.15 surprising us by actually releasing on time. We really appreciate all of your dedication to our client, and of course your financial support as well. I'm truly sorry we didn't meet the mark this time around and didn't get the Insider features we promised for BLC 2.11. I promise they are coming very close to the start of 2020 when we are all refreshed and ready to go again after a lot of holiday fun and joy with our families.

    We will tease the new features on Twitter and Discord as they become available. No sneak peaks yet :)

    New Mods Approaching

  • Clock/Date Mod - Check what time it is when you are in full screen mode
  • Memory Mod - See your memory usage without all of the nasty F3 data
  • Combo Mod - See how many hits you got in a row before you missed like a noob lel
  • Sneak Mod - ToggleSneak will be broken up into two pieces to make it easier to control
  • Sprint Mod - ToggleSneak will be broken up into two pieces to make it easier to control

  • We have a few small items on our TODO list to improve your BLC experience, below you can find a few of them:

  • Crosshair Mod - More customization options to get that perfect crosshair you are looking for
  • GUI Scale - More options to change the GUI scale for Minecraft
  • ArmorStatus Mod - We are going to overhaul and fix the ArmorStatus mod from the ground up so it fits every use case you can imagine
  • Coordinates Mod - We have a bunch of little quality of life improvements for this mod in the pipeline

  • None

  • That's it for the Badlion Client 2019 updates! We had an amazing year, and in the coming days we will put together an infographic to try and share some of the statistics from this last year. We are super excited for the 2020 year coming up, and we are even hiring more developers to continue and pump out even more features for our growing player base!

    As per usual, if you love our client one of the best things you can do is just convince 1 friend to download and start using the Badlion Client. One of our biggest drivers is seeing that player count continue to rise!

    I also want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays during this special time of the year. I also want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! We'll see you in 2020 with some really awesome updates for Badlion Client that we will share at a later date with you guys.


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