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Badlion Client 2.12 - Our Largest Update Yet!

Welcome to 2020 everyone. Today I get to go over our LARGEST update ever to Badlion Client, and we are just getting started with the year! This update was originally supposed to be smaller and released earlier, but due to some unexpected personal health issues, I had to delay the update a few weeks. I'm glad to say I am now doing much better now and we can continue our normal release cycle going forward. The next update is planned for around the middle of March (less than a month from now). It will be a bit smaller but then put is back onto track with our 6 week release cycle.

Without further ado, let's dive into all that is Badlion Client 2.12.

As Minecraft continues to update, so must we! We are continuing to stay up to date with the latest version of Minecraft with day 1 support. We are also excited to see that Optifine is now much closer to releasing a final version for 1.15.2 which we will add support for when it becomes available. We don't want to publish Optifine support until we are confident it is stable enough for the public to use. We expect this to happen in the next week or two.

Global Mod Settings

We have gone ahead and implemented a brand new mod profile management page! This new mod profile management page allows you to more easily search and navigate between your different mod profiles! We also have gone ahead and upgraded this new mod profile management page with a way to set global colors/default information for all of your mods in one easy to access location.

P.S. We have some cool features still coming in the next update for this. Check in the "Upcoming" section to learn more about them.

Simple GUI

Let's get started with one of the biggest and first changes to Badlion Client 2.12. We have gone ahead and added a new GUI format to most of our mods called Simple GUI. The old version of our GUI format is called Fancy GUI. What is the difference you might ask?

Simple GUI - More focused around pure text representations of mods. No graphics and no backgrounds. Very similar to the F3 menu or other mod packs available online.
Fancy GUI - The "old school" Badlion Client mod format with a background to each mod, more color options, and graphical mods (such as Minimap which is only available for Fancy GUI).

The idea of Simple GUI was to give more customization options to the Badlion Client. We really want to strive to make sure every user can find exactly what they are looking for in Badlion Client and can answer all of their Minecraft needs with a single easy to use solution.

Chroma GUI

Do you like pretty colors? Are you a fan of chroma appliances like keyboards and mice? Well we got you covered here! We are excited to share that all of our mods are now chroma compatible with the Fancy GUI! You can now have pretty rainbows going across your screen all day and never get tired of one solid color showing again!

We also have a less fancy version of the Chroma color scheme available for the Simple UI too! Everything is synchronized together!

Mod Locking

Today we are unlocking (all puns intended) a new feature for the Badlion Client GUI Editor! You can now lock and scale mods together! What does this mean exactly? Well imagine you have two mods that you want to move around the screen easily together. Well just snap them together, press the lock, and move them now as a single "mod." You can also scale these mods together now so you keep them at the same size more easily as well! Check out the example above.

FPS Boost

Something Badlion Client is always focused on is more FPS! We all know that our users enjoy getting the highest average FPS on Badlion Client in comparison to anything else out there. That's why in this update we have gone ahead and added some more FPS to your game, free of charge! Go ahead and enable the FPS Boost option under the "Graphics" settings (in the Badlion Client Settings Menu) if you haven't already and see how much more FPS you get!

HitColor Mod

Don't like the way your enemies look at you? Well we can't help there, but we can change how they look when they are attacked by you! Introducing the HitColor mod! You can use this mod to completely customize how your enemies look when they are attacked. As you can see in the clip above i changed it to a nice pink color :) Make sure to pay attention to the opacity bar!

Zoom Mod

We have gone ahead and added a new mod to Badlion Client today called the Zoom Mod. The objective of this mod is to recreate Optifine's famous zoom feature without needing Optifine. This is especially important for new versions of Minecraft when Optifine is not available for several months after release. We have added some extra goodies to our version of the mod as well to make it a bit more interesting such as the ability to zoom in further using your mouse wheel.

Combo Counter Mod

Ever wonder how many hits you got on that person you just combo'd? Well now you can have the answer! Introducing the combo counter mod which will count how many hits in a row you land on your opponent before the combo has been broken. What defines a combo? Well a combo is defined as hitting the same target, not missing an attack, and not waiting for more than 2 seconds between your last successful attack, and your next successful attack.

Get combo'ing today!

Clock Mod

Are you a full screen user? Want to know what time it is? Well now you can know without having to alt tab or look elsewhere! The clock mod will display the time of the day for you while you are playing Minecraft directly on screen!

Stop Watch Mod

Want to time something in game? The Stop Watch Mod has you covered! Now you can easily start and stop a "stopwatch" in game to see how long it takes to complete something! The default bound key to use this mod is "L".

Server Address Mod

Are you a streamer? Want to easily show what server you are playing on to your followers? The Server Address Mod has you covered. Share where you are playing directly on screen with your users and stop getting those annoying questions in chat asking about it.

Memory Mod

Want to monitor your memory usage on Minecraft but not have it cluttered up with all of the other information shown in the F3 menu? The memory mod is here to help simplify your GUI! Now display the amount of memory being used in Minecraft directly on your screen without all of the clutter with the Memory Mod.

Resource Pack Display Mod

Are you streaming or recording videos a lot? Do you have your fans asking what resource pack you are using in your latest video? Display your current resource pack to your fans with ease now directly on the GUI! Once again, reducing down the amount of questions you have to answer again and again and making your life easier!

ToggleSneak Mod

We have gone ahead and reduced down the ToggleSneak's mod functionality by splitting it properly apart into two mods. Same awesome ToggleSneak, but a bit simpler to use now.

ToggleSprint Mod

One of the longest requests we have had on Badlion Client is "Where is the ToggleSprint Mod?" Well now it's split apart from the ToggleSneak Mod and is it's own standing mod! Same awesome functionality, new location that is easier to find.

Other New Features

  • You can now more specifically pick the time of the day for the Time Changer Mod

  • Launcher Fixes

  • [MAC] Fixed an issue where invalid Minecraft paths could be specified in the settings

  • Minecraft Fixes

    2.12.11 Fixes

  • [MAC] Fixed an issue where item stacks could not be dropped on macOS.
  • [All] Fixed a memory leak that was caused by using Teamspeak and Badlion Client together. The Teamspeak mod did NOT need to be enabled for this memory leak to be triggered.
  • [All] Fixed an issue where some mods and mod settings would not save properly.

  • 2.12.10 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed the server address mod to have a dynamic width depending on the server address
  • [All] Fixed an issue related to the SkyBlock Addons mod and the "Only mine ore in deep caverns" option
  • [All] Fixed an issue where users could send empty chat messages with New Chat
  • [All] Fixed the scaling of the unicode symbols with the Badlion font (stars, hearts, etc)
  • [All] Fixed an issue where multiple overlays (Badlion menus) would scroll at the same time
  • [All] Fixed an issue where the slideout would become unresponsive when in GUI editing mode
  • [All] Fixed mod snapping being misaligned by 1 pixel
  • [All] Fixed resizing of dynamic sized simple mods
  • [All] Fixed an issue where simple mods were resetting on reboot of MC
  • [All] Fixed a crash related to the Coordinates mod
  • [All] Fixed a crash related to ArmorStatus mod
  • [All] Fixed a crash related to rendering models
  • [All] Fixed a crash related to mod snapping system
  • [All] Fixed a crash related to Shiny Pots

  • 2.12.8 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed an issue with some weird chain locking behavior with the ShowItem mod
  • [All] Fixed a crash when opening up the controls menu

  • 2.12.7 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed some formatting information showing in mods when they should be replaced with real data
  • [All] Fixed fancy mods not saving their positions/size when rebooting the game

  • 2.12.6 Fixes

  • [1.14] Removed white enchant glint when using emotes
  • [1.14] Fixed Zoom mod to work properly
  • [All] Fixed a crash when using the settings menu
  • [All] Fixed FPS and Stopwatch default prefix settings for Simple Mode
  • [All] Fixed an issue where mod profiles menu didn't close when clicking outside of it
  • [All] Fixed champagne bottle appearing randomly when using emotes
  • [All] Fixed an issue where simple mode formats were not showing on the individual mods
  • [All] Fixed an issue where mod profiles were not saving due to Togglesprint mod

  • 2.12.5 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed background color not having an option to disable in Fancy GUI Mode
  • [All] Fixed miscellaneous crashes caused by the Combo Counter mod

  • 2.12.4 Fixes

  • [All] Reduced down memory usage by ResourcePacks24 mod if the pack icons are larger than we can render
  • [All] Fixed a massive memory leak with the resource pack menu
  • [All] Fixed potential lag spikes that could happen a few times a minute.

  • 2.12.3 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed Combo Mod to properly reset when you are attacked

  • 2.12.2 Fixes

  • [All] Fixed cloaks to properly render again when sneaking
  • [All] Fixed motion blur being reset when switching lobbies
  • [All] Fixed Resource Pack Display mod to show when no pack is activated
  • [All] Fixed some settings getting reset randomly
  • [All] Fixed more crashes caused by 2.12

  • 2.12.1 Fixes

  • [1.15] Fixed the game basically not being playable (items not appearing on the ground, villagers acting strange, lots of fun problems)
  • [1.15] Fixed a crash related to resource packs
  • [All] Fixed a memory leak related to resource packs menu
  • [All] Fixed resizing of text mods
  • [All] Fixed autotip to work again
  • [All] Fixed some crashes caused by 2.12

  • 2.12.0 Fixes

  • [MAC] We fixed not being able to drop stack of items with CTRL + Drop Key
  • [MAC] A lot of crash issues were fixed
  • [1.15] Waypoints not being able to be seen in F5 mode
  • [1.15] Fixed a crash where if you hit a player with the new cosmetic arrows, it would cause a crash
  • [1.15] Minecon capes not showing up in 1.15
  • [1.15] ShinyPots not working at all for the version 1.15
  • [1.15] Zealot counter not working for 1.15
  • [1.15] Fixed a bug where you could not edit the reforge text in skyblock addons
  • [1.15] You could see 2 different chats at the same time
  • [1.14] Main menu background being a white screen
  • [1.14] Replay mod causing crashes because of the camera position
  • [1.7/1.8] Sped up the loading time on cosmetics for older versions (1.7/1.8)
  • [1.7] Cosmetics not showing up on 1.7
  • [All] Fixed and issue where certain items would cause crashes on some computers
  • [All] F3 + B (Toggle hitboxes) being blocked by our cosmetic keybinds
  • [All] Fixed the scrollbar in the slideout menu not acting like Windows' scrollbar
  • [All] Fixed colors being broken with fancy font on the scoreboard
  • [All] Items in emotes not appearing when switching servers
  • [All] Crash on startup when using shaders mod
  • [All] Opening books causing crashes on certain PCs
  • [All] Fixed Dynamic curves for cloaks not working
  • [All] Default chat overlapping with the BLC chat
  • [All] Emoting causing crashes
  • [All] FOV changer mod not working at all
  • [All] Max framerates not being saved after a client reboot
  • [All] Fixed the inventory blur not working on the pause menu
  • [All] Fixed Block hit animation not being able to be turned off
  • [All] Fixed a bug where if a server adds to many characters to a book, it would cause a crash
  • [All] Mod resizing has been improved
  • [All] Drop confirmation not working for backpacks in skyblock addons
  • [All] Not being able to disable inventory blur
  • [All] When creating a new mod profile, armor status not being set up correctly
  • [All] Using certain keybinds for the emote menu causing crashes
  • [All] Fixed mod locking to actually work
  • [All] Could place blocks in a replay viewer
  • [All] Screen going red when the item counter was enabled
  • [All] Could not send messages with the the "enter" key on the NUMPAD
  • [All] Weird characters being put in the names for players using the nick hider mod
  • [All] Memory maxing out when using shaders
  • [All] Fixed a bunch of crash issues

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • None

  • Minecraft Tweaks

  • Cosmetics now load much faster on older versions of Minecraft
  • Renamed Fancy Font -> Badlion Font

  • Mod Profile Manager

    We have gone ahead and added our first pass at the Mod Profile Manager this update! We still have a few features that didn't have enough time dedicated to them to complete for this update, so they will be coming next update instead (BLC 2.13)!

  • Ability to browse and download other user's mod profiles
  • [Insiders] Ability to upload mod profiles to share with other users

  • With these two last features we will call this feature complete and then iterate on it later if the community comes to our door asking for more stuff.

    Insider Improvements

    I sound like a broken record at this point :( Next update (which will be smaller) is going to be hyper focused around the Insider features that we have had to keep delaying and we are going to get out three new Insider perks onto the client. The first one was already described above (Mod Profile Management), while the other 2 will remain a secret until they are available >:D

    General Improvements

    Since the next update is not going to be a huge update, I can't promise any specific feature will be worked on besides the few things already mentioned above. We will be fixing bugs, improving stability, and making everything run smoother in the next update for any extra time we have available.

  • None

  • Thank you all for making it to the bottom of another Badlion Client Patch Notes! I hope there is something in this update for everyone to get excited about. I know I definitely am excited about the Simple GUI and the Chroma color options. Let us know in the comments below what you are most excited about with this update!

    PM Link
    Just a heads up there was one bug when i updated it messed up most of my mods but i just redid them on a different profile and the alpha wont go on clear
    PM Link
    This update is literally amazing. But One thing I'm having trouble with is the clock mod. It keeps displaying the wrong time even though my windows clock is set fine. Is there anyway to set the clock?
    PM Link
    This is all amazing, BUT, when rebooting badlion client the mod profiles are all wrong. The image, name, GUI placment, and some gui scaling is incorrect
    PM Link
    I'm having a problem with the recording section with this, It says Turn off fast rendering whenever I press render/save, how do I resolve this?
    PM Link
    When i get out of my client it just reset most of the new settings, and sometimes i cant turn them on, they just stay invisible! Sometimes it changes automatically profiles, and sometimes when i join matches they just mess up places.
    PM Link
    I really like the update but the combo display is a little bugged and counts things that aren't really hits. Also, I cant have the toggle sprint mod the same key as my regular sprint like I used to be able to which annoys me a little.
    PM Link
    I really like the new update, but the only thing is that all my mod were broken, so I have to completely redo them. Also the CTRL + Q thing is still not working on Mac.
    PM Link
    My Scoreboard on hypixel is different how do I fix that it looks weird now
    PM Link
    The update is brilliant but there a problem with Inventory Blur and Motion Blur
    When i logged onto Hypixel both the mods were working but then when I start a game of Skywars and enter a lobby they just stop working all
    toghether. Please fix this problem as both the Blur Mods are very important for me.

    EDIT: After playing for a while and testing out some new mods, I thought I would give Simple Mode a shot, well when I went to rescale in the GUI menu and exited from there it all just went back to being small. The Simple Mode does look great though!

    - UnchartedNoob
    PM Link
    The diacritical letters looks from last update really weird when I type them (ŘĚŠČŽŮĎŤŇ), these works (ÝÁÍÉÚÓ), please fix it << screenshot how it looks and example in the context

    - Farmans
    PM Link
    could the admin just add oofmod please
    i love the mod myself and it lets me edit
    the death sounds
    PM Link
    Being able to test these features in beta was great ! I love how customizable everything is !
    PM Link
    Very bad, it literally turns my motion blur off everytime i die in bedwars, enter a match in skywars, etc.

    And it just removes the "shader" which is motion blur, it remains on but it removes it so i have to re enable it pls fix
    PM Link

    Apprehending wrote

    Just a heads up there was one bug when i updated it messed up most of my mods but i just redid them on a different profile and the alpha wont go on clear

    Hi. Are you still having issues? If so please submit a bug report using the bottom of the launcher and provide screenshots of the alpha issue in your bug report please.
    PM Link

    MasterGberry wrote

    Apprehending wrote...

    Hi. Are you still having issues? If so please submit a bug report using the bottom of the launcher and provide screenshots of the alpha issue in your bug report please.

    I have the same problem =/
    PM Link

    Heliasix wrote

    MasterGberry wrote...

    I have the same problem =/

    Same thing, we need bug reports with logs.
    PM Link
    can you add the 1.7 sneaking animation pls??
    PM Link
    Ok so i ran to some bugs. When i am in a simple gui mod profile, next time i log on to badlion, Everything not works anymore. Not the mods that i have enabled, Nothing is working.
    PM Link
    The new update is cool! I've been waiting for another update on my favorite client. I hope the client ever gets a Vanilla Enhancements mod. In the new update, I'm excited about both packdisplay mode and clock mode because I finally don't have to alttab to the desktop. Hitcolor is cool for people who want their own color for a hit toy I can't praise:). nice! It's just a shame that the motion blur mod bugles again on the new upgrade, and my badlion settings won't be saved for me.
    PM Link