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A New Optifine Feture
Why Does Optifine Only Increase Your Frames and let you zoom optifine should be more helpful than that Do you agree? also, tell me if you know anything they should add to optifne or badlion
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Optifine does and has a lot more than just FPS boosting and zoom for example:
-Support for HD Textures
-Support for Shaders
-Dynamic Lights
-Variable Render Distance
-Configurable Smooth Lighting
-Performance: VSync
-Smart Advanced OpenGL
-Fog control
-Anisotropic Filtering
-Better Grass
-Better Snow
-Clear Water
-Random Mobs
-Connected Textures

And many more!
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Oh, I didn't Know That! Thanks For Telling Me!
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Hey! Badlion doesn't maintain Optifine. You can suggest on r/optifine!
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