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(Toggle Button) Smooth Sneak
This mod will make you speed bridging look better by making crouching smoother. I can help people bridge better by helping them practice. This is a flawless mod witch doesn't evade any of Hypixel's rules in any way. It is simply a mod to make your sneaking look better. I found that my speed bridging has improves since I downloaded it. I just would like to see it in the BadLion mod menu.

-Smooth Sneak (Not Togglable in origional mod)

=> There is not "toggle sneak" or anything automatic in this mod.

Here is a YouTube link to the mod video and the link to the download is in the description:

PM Link
(Conclusion of the video: 1.7 sneak animation mod | op wants the 1.7 sneak animation in BLC)
PM Link
Sorry I forgot that it was called 1.7 animations.
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