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Creating seperate installation directories
So I've only been using BLC for a few months and I noticed that its not possible to create different installation directories for different versions. So i play on 1.8.9 for pvp with different texture packs and keybinds to my 1.14/15 texture pack and keybinds. There should be a way to create separate installation folders for different versions of BLC like how you can in the Minecraft launcher. This would just make it so your keybinds are saved per version and you don't have to activate a texture pack every time you switch from one version to another

If this is already a thing can someone tell me how to do it

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Badlion Client is all about making a more seamless experience across all versions of MInecraft. This goes against our philosophy.

Please do note though, you can have different .minecraft folders if you go ahead and look in the settings of the BLC launcher, you can probably achieve what you are trying to do here.
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