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/copy, /coords and /pos Commands Suggestion
What are /copy, /coords and /pos commands and what do they do?
These commands can be found in a forge mod called Vanilla Enhancements by OrangeMarshall. They allow a player to quickly send their coordinates as a chat message or copy their coordinates to clipboard.
Here is what these commands do:
- /copy - Copies coordinates to clipboard.
- /coords & /pos - Sends coordinates as a chat message.

Why should these commands be added to BLC?
These commands are mainly useful in fast-paced team gamemodes such as UHC Champions and many many others. You can quickly let your teammates know your in-game locations without wasting your precious time looking, remembering and writing the coordinates manually.
I also think that these commands wouldn't be hard to implement to BLC, they are pretty simple.

Thanks for reading! :D
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