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On Twitter is a BAC Hack-Client !
Hello , I found a BAC Hackclient on Twitter !
I will send it to you because i have to download it first and then i got BAC banned !
know i will ask when i send you the hack client from a user will unbann me ?

LG : nyorxyz
PM Link

Simply downloading and not opening/installing the hacked client should have not gotten you banned. If you injected the hacked client into Badlion Client and got BAC banned, then you will stay banned.

We have issued a small handful of unbans to people who have submitted cheats we aren't detecting already. We detect almost all of them already (tweet from MasterGberry - The hacked client you downloaded was detected by BAC and it does not require to be looked into anymore.
All hacked clients that are not detected by BAC should be reported to MasterGBerry via the forum DMs.
PM Link