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Youtuber/Twitch Partner Program
A quick and easy post to finally put a place where all of the questions about our new partner program can be answered.


Come and work with the largest 3rd party Minecraft launcher on the market and earn money while playing your favorite game. We have paid out $10's of thousands of dollars to content creators for selling their products on our shop. We love working with content creators on improving Badlion Client and their audience's Minecraft experience.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Custom cloak on our shop
  • Custom secondary cosmetic on our shop (Bandana/Shield/hat) [Eligible after a certain number of sales on your custom cloak]
  • Insider perks which include early access to new features, HD skins, custom name tag messages, and more awesome features.
  • Access to all emotes on BLC
  • Access to all sprays on BLC
  • Private Discord access with me and our development/administration teams
  • Referral link/code on our shop

  • Limited Time Offer - As we continue to develop BLC 3.0 we will work closely with our partners to showcase the client with some early access when it is ready. We don't have a time frame for when this will be yet, but our partners will be the first people to get their hands on BLC 3.0.



    - Have a passion for Minecraft content
    - Have an active Youtube channel (at least 4 videos in the last month around MC)
    - Have at least 20K Subscribers
    - Have at least 7.5K views per video on average


    - Have a passion for Minecraft content
    - Have an active Twitch channel (at least 5 streams per month around MC)
    - Have at least 10K followers on Twitch
    - Have at least 100 viewers on average during your streams
    - Have at least 20 hours of MC streamed per month for the past three months.

    How to Apply

    Anyone who is a content creator that meets our requirements listed out can contact @Gonzaloo via private message here on the forums, shoot him a tweet on Twitter ( or email (contentcreators[at] badlion [dot] net).
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